Dear Santa, part 2.

Dear Santa,

It seems you received my letter last year! Christmastime 2012 was the first time I received a positive pregnancy test, just like my letter requested! However, I have now learned to be a little clearer with my wish list, as a positive pregnancy test will only go so far. So with a humble heart, I am writing you again this year asking you to fill my stocking with more baby dust and a pregnancy that results in an on-earth, living, breathing, take home baby. Piece of cake, right??

Let me start by saying I have been more nice than naughty this year. I have tried my best to take every pill and shot with a smile, hopeful with the expectation of what could come. (Granted, I am failing miserably with drinking these stupid shakes from the naturopathic doctor but let’s ignore that fact.) I have been drinking tons of water and have even learned to stop complaining about not being able to drink soda anymore. I smile at most of the children I encounter, with the exception of that unruly little one who tried to kick me and told me he doesn’t like me. (I might advise you to put him on the naughty list.) I have done my best to treat Josh with love and only have occasionally given him “that” dirty look. (You know the “what are you thinking!?!” look.). I haven’t pushed one smoking pregnant lady down this year, nor have I parked in the “Expectant Mother” spot, even though I am tempted to “just pretend”.

Santa, I have been responsible for keeping the Target baby section in the black with all of the baby gifts I have been buying and surprises I have been mailing. I haven’t complained more than a dozen times about the still-numb spot on my butt and thigh from the progesterone in oil shots and I am even starting to accept the fact that I may never regain feeling. I have genuinely prayed for and celebrated many other TTC pregnancies and births this last year, even when it is a tough reminder that it’s not me.

I have been journaling and writing to my future child and simply ask that someday, he or she will be able to read those words. I have limited my Starbucks addiction and am trying to get healthier, even though it’s more challenging than I had imagined.. And unlike last year, I haven’t stuck my tongue out at one person yet this year. (Well, with the exception of Josh, but he was really being difficult that day.)

I have sat through more blood pokes than I could count and haven’t cried yet. I have patiently sat on the phone with the insurance company to fight my D&C denial and didn’t say to their face that it was insanely absurd that they would cover an abortion but not a miscarriage. (Okay, minus points for thinking it though. Again though, I may advise they be moved to the naughty list.)

Josh and Cali have been so good this year too! Josh lovingly abides with the dreadful dinners recently. (I figure if I can’t eat carbs or sugars, he shouldn’t be able to either.) He fills up the gas tank in the winter so I don’t have to and pays attention to things like oil changes. He has waited on me hand and foot as I have recovered from 2 egg retrievals, 4 embryo transfers and the D&C with such love and care.  He always wakes up and rolls over to hand me a tissue when my nose is running in bed so I don’t have to get up. (And never questions why I don’t move the box to my nightstand since he understands it just wouldn’t fit the decorative balance of the room.) And then there is that time, okay, every night, where he goes back downstairs to bring up whatever it is I forgot. And Cali? Well, she has been ever so patient with me as I continue to dress her up and pretend like she is a human child. She only slightly glared when I put the antlers on her ears this week and gracefully allowed me to put her in 7 (yes, seven) Halloween costumes this year. I really think she would love a brother or sister. (Okay, honestly, it would be an adjustment, but one I am sure she would love to make. No need to check with her on that, just take my word.)

So please, again, I beg of you, fill our Christmas with every good thing you have in your bag. I ask for all the joy, hope patience and strength that you can bring. (And you don’t even have the wrap it.) Take our stocking and make it overflow with fertility and determination. I ask for nothing more but a 2014 filled with more than our hearts can imagine and bigger than our dreams can dream.


A Patiently Waiting Mommy to Be

PS – If you can, also send our angel babies up in heaven a little hug from their mom and dad. We will miss them so much this Christmas and wish we were spending it with them.

Look at this patient face!

Look at this patient face!

15 thoughts on “Dear Santa, part 2.

  1. Kate says:

    Beautiful, Chelsea! I love how you captured this! Beautiful, sincere and truly touching. From your mouth to Santa’s (and God’s) ears! Hugs, my friend! Pray you are enjoying the season and crossing those things off your bucket list!

    • chels819 says:

      Amen! I know He hears this letter and that in His time, it will be answered. But in the meantime, writing to fictitious holiday characters is surprisingly cathartic. :)

  2. shewillnotfail says:

    You continue to amazing and inspire me. Thank you for giving me continued hope and to show me that we can struggle with grace. <3

  3. Caroline says:

    Believing the Lord will bring you your baby in 2014. That everything the enemy has wanted to steal kill and destroy the Lord will bring it and bring abundant life to it!! So glad to hear/read about the diet changes, I know it’s hard, but oh so good for you!!!

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