friday favorites – july 25.

It’s Friday! Whoa, this week flew by. I have to admit, I just sat down and wondered What did I even do this week? Or it’s more like, what didn’t I do? This week felt completely swamped which isn’t necessary a bad thing, just a busy thing! Let’s hope I can sort out my thoughts and that Friday Favorites makes sense today. (And if not, please just politely smile and nod and check back with me next week.)


Favorite Thing I am Looking Forward To: My uncle, aunt and cousins are coming in from Illinois on Monday for a week and we cannot WAIT to see them! It’s been too long and I know the days will be action packed and full of lots of laughs and new memories. Somehow in the last 9+ years, my “little” cousins grew up (seriously, how cute are they?) and are now in high school. Whoa! Of course us adults haven’t aged a bit though. HA!

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Favorite Product: I don’t know about you but there are two must-have products on my bathroom counter at all times – a good dry shampoo and a good sea salt spray. Of course there are many great products there, but they cost way too much for how much I use them. I have been trying out over the counter products for a while now and have stumbled upon a brand I love – Not Your Mother’s. On days when I can’t get a good shampoo in, the dry shampoo is a lifesaver and on days when humidity reigns (like it has several days this week), a little sea salt spray works, along with a prayer that you don’t scare any children with your robust mane. You can find it at Walmart, Target, or any local beauty supply shop. Check it out!


Favorite Meet’N’Greet: Awww, I got to meet 5-day old baby Ty last weekend and let’s just say, he is a handsome little fellow! So precious!


Favorite Song: Oh Jason Mraz, you have done it to me again. 3 Things off of his new album Yes! had me in goosebumpy tears earlier this week. I was feeling a bit of stress, overly process-y, and a bit emotional going into a long day and when I heard this song, my spirits lifted and I felt totally rejuvenated. LOVE! Have to share the video shot at his avocado farm as well as the lyrics. If you need a pick me up, listen for sure.

There are three things I do when my life falls apart
Number one I cry my eyes out and dry up my heart
Not until I do this will my new life start
So that’s the first thing that I do when my life falls apart.

Oh, the second thing I do is I close both of my eyes
And say my thank-yous to each and every moment of my life.
I go where I know the love is and let it fill me up inside
Gathering new strength from sorrow,
I’m glad to be alive.

Things are looking up
I know above the clouds the sun is shining
Things are looking up
Love is still the answer I’m relying
On Three little things
Things are looking up

The third thing that I do now when my world caves in,
is I pause, I take a breath, and bow and I let that chapter end.
I design my future bright not by where my life has been.
And I try, try, try, try, try again.
Yes I try, try, try, try, try again.

Things are looking up
I know beyond the dark the sun is rising
Things are looking up
And I know above the clouds the sun is shining
Things are looking
Love is still the answer I’m relying
On Three little things
Three little things

Favorite Reminder:

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Favorite Way to Hydrate: It can be hard for me to get in 100 ounces of water a day, but I find if I spice it up a bit and throw in fresh items, it makes it more fun to drink and disappears a lot quicker! A go-to this week for me has been throwing in a few strawberries (fresh or frozen), a couple of sprigs of mojito mint from my garden and a squeeze of lime. DELISH! What are your favorite ways to take your water? Share!

Favorite Funnies: Here we go! (And if you ever have any funnies to share, please send them over! I loveeeee getting ones sent!)















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    • chels819 says:

      Awwww, yay!! Thanks so much for the nomination Elisha! I am just seeing this and am so honored! Can’t wait to reply and pass it on soon! :) You are a blessing!

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