friday favorites – september 5.

Another week is behind us … let’s jump right in!


Favorite New Home Decoration: My brother-in-law and sister-in-law got me this awesome pillow for my birthday and it’s now made its home comfy inside my library. Seriously, loving the texture of the material and it makes me giggle whenever I see it. Whooo hoooo! (And while Cali jumped up on the chair herself, I totally pulled a Ross when rapping to get her to look at me. HA!)

Favorite Relief Method: Am I the only one STRUGGLING with allergies right now? Man, I don’t remember them being this bad before! I have small spurts of great moments and then other moments of complete and utter sneezy, snotty, pink-eyey-looking hotness. Yikes. I am keeping my go-to’s well stocked and should have bought stock in Kleenex before August hit. Next year.

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Favorite Pens: I love all the back to school aisles. Like, to the point where I can’t pass them up and just wander down touching all the new folders, binders and notebooks. I am a little jealous of all the kids who get to use their new supplies this week. I loved strategically picking out which color notebook I wanted for what class, there always was some sort of rational to the color system. Blue …. hmmm …. blue like water, water like H2O, H20 like elements, elements like a periodic table, ah blue is for chemistry. See, it makes total sense. Anyways, I couldn’t pass up the Target aisles without picking up a new pack of my all time favorite pens – Pilot G-2 – but NOT just any kind, it has to be the Ultra Fine 0.38 kind. They are so perfect. I needed them for Bible Study okay??


Favorite New Couple: Yes, we have had a few things going on in the celebrity world this last week or two (I am ignoring Brad and Angelina, I still miss him with Jennifer Aniston) – but this new couple takes the cake…my sister and her new boyf! Yay! Sorry men, this amazing lady is off the market. Ahhh, gotta love observing this first season of a relationship, so sweet.


Favorite Planning Sesh: Alright readers, another vacation is in the works – Savannah, Georgia! Every year I am blessed to be able to sneak away for a few days with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a girls trip and I can’t wait for this next one! We were able to meet last night and go through the travel books and scribble down ideas and itineraries, however, we still need your help! Do you have a restaurant or MUST-SEE place in Savannah? Send it my way!


Favorite Article: This. Go read it. I am so guilty of thinking really warm and fuzzy things about my friends, how much I appreciate them, value them, and grateful for them, but there can be such a communicate breakdown sometimes! Do they know how much I love them? Are my actions speaking what my brain is saying? Shauna nailed this post – READ!

Favorite IG Picture: I follow this account on Instagram and loved this photo and verse they shared this week. One of my faves!


Favorite Funnies: Here you go! I was in stitches preparing these for this post. Enjoy and have a great weekend friends!