the plan for results day.


Hi friends!

Wow! We have sure felt the love and support flooding our hearts over this past week. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the prayers, encouragement, and hope you have held out to us during this exciting and emotional time.

First of all, no, we don’t know anything yet! (I promise! I can’t do at home tests any more … too much PTSD.) But as the days approach in which we do find something out, I want to gently ask for some privacy. Yes, I know, we have invited you all into this journey with us with hugely open arms and are so grateful that we have. However, we do ask that you allow us to keep test results private until we are ready to reveal them. While we hope for good news, we have no idea which direction this cycle will lead us, and so we hope that you give us some time and space to find out, process them and keep them between us (just for now of course!).

The thing is, we have been here before. We have gotten the call and heard good news and bad news. Both are overwhelming. The idea of a ‘good news call’ is laced with some fear in our minds, fear that the bad news call will come in the days following. The bad news calls, well, is laced with its own sets of tears and questions. All of the emotions ahead for us will be intense and difficult to share with others right away. So please, allow us time to process without pressing us for news. We know you are anxiously excited too! :) If the news is positive, we still have many hurdles to jump through to feel confident to allow others to celebrate with us. If the news is negative, we need to cry our tears first before we gather around those hurting for us as well.

All of this to say, the news will come and as soon as we are ready, you will know! It’s so important to us to make sure our families are the first to know though, and even sharing with them will take time, as the blood level tests take time and help determine initial viability. Every time you wonder if we know yet, take it as a sign to say a prayer for us. J

Also, can I politely ask you to refrain from the “How are you feeling!?!” and “Any news yet!?!” questions for a bit as we continue to march forward? Keep the prayers rolling in, as we will need them regardless of what’s ahead. I’m doing my very best to remain confident in God’s timing and abilities, but if I am being honest, am scared. I don’t know if I can do this all again. My heart feels weak and I am desperately trying to cling to His Word, strength and truth. So your prayers, well, they mean so much.

Thank you for your support and understanding, we are incredibly grateful for you all.

With love,

Josh and Chelsea