baby shower #3.

Update on this morning’s appointment: Both kiddos rocked it! Our baby boy scored an 8/10 because he was stubborn and didn’t want to practice his breathing for a consistent 30 seconds straight, but baby girl nailed her tests and scored a 10/10! Yay! Next week is our big appointment when they will go in and remeasured the growth to see if she has had a growth spurt. Essentially we are praying that she is at least the same, but preferably much higher than her 5th percentile. We also are praying that baby boy is continuing to thrive as he has been! This test is Thursday afternoon. In the meantime, both babies are head down again (baby boy loves to flip flop) and they are both facing each other (belly buttons facing in towards my belly button). Little boy is using his sisters head as a pillow and I foresee this as the start of a lot of whispers and giggles between the two of them. :) So we are PRAISING GOD for another week of baby baking sans any issues! 30 weeks has always been our one big goal to make it too, and we are just 5 sleeps away from that! And our c-section is scheduled for 9 weeks from today … which seems crazy soon! Stay in there babies!!!

Alright, now I get to share about ANOTHER baby shower we had thrown for us last weekend! (Seriously, I can’t even tell you how grateful we have been for the outpouring of love! Each shower is so surreal to be a part of, and honestly, the generosity of others has been so incredible. We are learning that two babies need a LOT of stuff, haha!)

Last Saturday, my in-laws’s church were the ones celebrating with us! These women have been praying for us for years and investing in our family for so long. It was so incredibly sweet of them to not only want to celebrate with us, but also plan and throw us such a fun shower!

This shower was hosted by two family friends, Lori and Lisa. They did such a great job decorating everything, and also cooking a delicious brunch! YUM YUM! They had an adorable girl themed table set up, as well as a boy themed table. I have to be honest, I had a hard time deciding where to sit because I felt like I was picking a child as a favorite haha! In the end, I sat at the girls table because that’s where my nieces selected to sit.

Here’s a few pictures of the cute décor!!

IMG_1247 - Copy

We started off the morning by eating a super yummy brunch. Egg bakes, fresh fruit, amazing pastries, juice, teas and coffee hit the spot!

Then we played a really fun game where we had to guess what the “baby” animal was called. For an example, a baby cow is a ____ (calf), a baby kangaroo is a (joey), a baby seal is a ____ (pup), etc. Some were easier than others and I can’t say I was competition, haha!

IMG_1442 - Copy

The tables were deep in thought!

IMG_1443 - Copy

Baby fish are not called caviar FYI.

Then Lori, one of the hosts, gave a beautiful devotional based on this sign (which she gifted us for our home):


She shared thoughts from each point and I want to share them here, at least my recollection of them, so Lori, if I botch them, I apologize! (Pregnancy brain, which I know realize is a real thing.) I know I am forgetting one part, which I most definitely will remember at 2 am.

IMG_1448 - Copy

Lori sharing her devotional

Live Well: In order to live well, I will need to (learn) how to ask and accept help. Having two babies is uniquely more difficult that having one baby and it will require me asking for help when help is needed, and accepting help when it’s offered. The people around me will want to help, I just need to be sure to let them in. (This will totally be a challenge for me! An important reminder!)

Laugh Often: Don’t take (myself) too seriously, enjoy the little moments that each day will bring and laugh often. The days may be hard, but they fly by, so don’t wish them away. Take time to enjoy the richness each day and challenge brings. Let Josh be a dad. Dad’s have a uniquely different set of skills than mom’s, and as a mom I will be tempted to want things to run according to how I plan/do them. Learn to appreciate the way Josh will try to help out and don’t scold or correct him. Laugh when outfits go on backwards or are mismatched or bath time ends up with more water on the floor then in the tub. Let him be a dad and invest the way he knows how and laugh throughout it.

Love Much: Always put God first. For so long, I have been able to live with the luxury of being able to really press into my quiet time with Jesus and prioritize that peacefully each day. As the babies come, it’s going to be more of a challenge to put that first each day, so I need to get creative. Listen to Christian radio, take advantage of podcasts and audio Bible reading, have handy short devotionals on my phone, etc. He has to be in the center of our lives and I have to focus on pursing Him. After God comes Josh. He is my life partner and our marriage needs to come first. A healthy, loving marriage will result in stability and our kids will be blessed as a result. It will be tempting to put the kids first, especially because they are needy, but take time to go on dates and connect with my spouse first and foremost.

Then, after the devotional, I was invited to share a little bit about how we have seen God working in our story over the years of infertility. After that, we got to celebrate by opening up baby presents and goodness, again, we were so blessed by the generosity of those around us! A GIGANTIC thank you to each woman who attended and loved on our family!

IMG_1444 - Copy


My sis has been my right hand gift writing and tracker gal. So thankful for her! And also, how cute are the present groupies?! They were very eager to help clean up after each gift was opened, hehe!

IMG_1450 - Copy

IMG_1284 - Copy

A special thanks to host Lisa for being my gift-bringer!

We truly are so grateful for the love and joy that has been showered upon us as we dive into this new chapter so very soon. To all who attended, THANK YOU! We felt so very loved!


(surprise) baby shower #2.

I’m falling behind on my blogging! Eeeeek! Expect a few baby-related posts to come your way over the next few days as I play catch up. :) One exciting thing to celebrate – we are officially into our 29th week! YAHOO! Here’s a little pic of the baby bump from this afternoon.


Side note – thank you all SO much for all of your prayers support, encouragement, and messages sent our way after sharing the news about our little girl’s IUGR. I am so pleased to share that our appointment last Thursday went awesome, and both her and her brother passed all of the tests with scores of 10/10. (Essentially they go through 5 different “tests”, each being a pass/fail worth 2 points. They each have to score 8/10 or above in order to go home as an “all good!”.)  Our next testing day is tomorrow (Friday) and we hope to have the same results!

Now, time to dig in and share about a SURPRISE Baby Shower we were thrown on March 12th by my sister! Josh and I always attend church at 2:00 pm on Sunday, and little did we know, while we were at church, my sister Courtney and her fiance Dave were over, turning our home into a celebration zone!

IMG_1477 - Copy

Our sneaky decorators!

A surprise shower, you ask? Well, traveling hasn’t been possible for me this pregnancy, and Courtney wanted to give both my friends and family in Chicago (where I am from) and my online community throughout the US, a chance to celebrate with us, even though I couldn’t be with them all in person. She got a hold of my Christmas label list and sent my people this adorable, sweet card.


So little did I know, so many of those we care about, were in cahoots with her, sending cards, books, and special presents to celebrate us. SO SPECIAL!

When we arrived home from church, our home was decorated, snacks were out, and both my parents and Courtney and Dave were ready and waiting to yell SURPRISE and jump into celebrating these twins. It was such a surprise and so incredibly special!

Here’s a few pictures!


IMG_1472 - Copy

And both my mom and sister, in attempts to making it feel as shower-like as possible, took the time to WRAP all of the gifts in cute baby shower paper which just added such a personal and special element to the celebration.


“is all this for me!?” -cali


It was so fun to open each card and read each note and see the names of those who really made a point to celebrating us. We read each note out loud and both Josh and I were just so blown away by the kindness and generosity of those who care about us and these babies. It also was SO fun to be able to have Josh there to go through each gift with me and have him help too, especially since most baby showers are mom-only. So he equally got to enjoy all of the special moments! We spent a lot of time giggling over the tiny little everything and passed gifts around, my parents and Courtney and Dave oooohing and ahhhhing over the softness of this swaddle, or that blanket, or laughing with us over a book title. It was so relaxed and laid back, really such a perfect way to spend an afternoon!


We got such a kick out of this book “Fraturtles” that explains what fraternal twins are to a pair of twin turtles.

IMG_1475 - Copy

Everything tiny, like these little robes….yes please!

IMG_1476 - Copy

SO grateful to have gotten one of our car seats!

We were so blessed by each thoughtful item sent and knowing that so many are celebrating our miracles with us. THANK YOU to each of you who participated … we were so blessed by this beautiful display of love and generosity.

IMG_1470 - Copy

Time to get out the selfie stick and capture this special day! Wish you all could have been here in person to celebrate! 

prayer request for little girl ritchie.

IMG_1152 (1)

Hi friends! I am coming to you this afternoon with a prayer request for our little girl twin. I believe so strongly in the power of prayer and know that even just one small prayer from each of you would make major ripples in heaven.

At our 20 week ultrasound, we learned that our little girl had a velamentous cord insertion, which happens in about 3-5% of pregnancies. What this means is that instead of her umbilical cord inserting into the middle of the placenta as it develops, it is inserted into the fetal membranes. Typically this is something they just monitor more closely, as it can result in a smaller baby, but rarely causes issues. She said we are more likely to run into an issue due to the fact that we are having twins versus a complication from this condition.

Well, on Friday we learned that our little girl is one of the few that is having a complication as a result of this misplaced cord insertion. She has always been on the smaller size and that has been something they have been closely monitoring. Her brother typically has been in the 40-50th percentile, while she started in the 20’s, then dropped to the teens, and then as of Friday, is now only at the 5th percentile. (The 5th percentile means that only 5% of the babies in this gestational age are smaller than her and 95% are larger.) She is measuring that closer of a 25 week baby than a 27 week baby, weighing only 1 lb. 14 oz. and desperately needs to start gaining weight. Right now her placenta isn’t providing her the nutrients and oxygen that she needs to keep up with growth and development and that obviously isn’t something we want to hear!

We need your prayers for our little girl. She simply just needs to have a growth spurt to bring her above the 5th percentile. As a result of being so small, she was diagnosed with “intrauterine growth restriction” (IUGR). (If she drops even a percentile, she then becomes diagnosed with “severe intrauterine growth restriction” aka SIUGR, which becomes pretty risky and compliated.) There are a handful of risks with IUGR that come with this, including  early delivery, underdevelopment of her internal organs, and increased risk for motor and neurological disabilities. I won’t go into many risks because we believe that our little girl is being created perfect in Her Father’s image. But there are so many unknowns that make this set of parents feel a bit out of control.

We are incredibly grateful we have been monitored so much, and that this was caught relatively early. We are going to begin weekly BPP/NST testing, likely moving to twice a week testing, and regular growth monitoring. They will be working to determine if her small size is causing stress to her. The BPP (biophysical profile) is a test that uses an ultrasound to evaluate her well-being for a set amount of time, and the NST (non-stress test) will be a second test that watched her heart rate for increases with fetal movements. I will start these two tests weekly beginning this Thursday and we have been told they take about 2 hours for twins.

We need your prayers that she passes both of these tests each week. If she passes, that signifies she is still remaining healthy and getting enough of what she needs to continue growth. If she fails, mama heads to the hospital. We will likely begin steroids soon to strength their lungs in case we need to deliver early. A goal with a baby with IUGR is to make it to 34 weeks, anything past that is wonderful.

Now for those wondering, there is nothing that I can do differently to help her – which is so hard! It really is just her placenta causing the problem, but we are able to pray to our God who is much bigger than a placenta or umbilical cord! We KNOW that He can provide her with the nourishment and oxygen that she needs to flourish!

If you are wondering about her brother, he is doing great! He is measuring accurately to his week gestation and weight. He dropped a bit in his percentile this last appointment to the 35th percentile too, so we are praying that he continues to develop well. They typically wouldn’t be monitoring him as closely as our little girl will be, but because they are twins and we are in for the tests each week anyways, they will run him through the same set. It will be nice to check in and make sure he is continuing to flourish.

Our next set of appointment dates are as follows, just in case you want to plug them in your calendar to be praying:

Thursday, March 23 – BBP and NST

Friday, March 31 – BBP and NST

Thursday, April 6 – Growth Scan, BBP and NST

(I will update more dates as we know more – right now we have weekly’s scheduled out through May, unsure when and if it will transition to bi-weekly’s.)

This means they are going to be making sure she isn’t under stress the next two weeks, but we won’t check in again on her percentile until April 6th. The high risk doctor wants to give her a chance for a growth spurt – which means more time for us to be praying for her!

I want to keep this all in perspective – we are expecting a beautiful little girl (and boy!). Her heart is beating, she is continuing to develop, even if it’s slowly, and there are no other health concerns with her. These are wonderful things to rejoice over! No, delivering her at 27, 28, 29 weeks wouldn’t be optimal, but we are being blessed with the family we have been praying for – this is a small road bump in this journey, and one that we know He is walking with us on.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. I would be lying if I didn’t say that there are moments when worrying starts to get the best of us, but as we keep repeating, there’s nothing we can do but trust God and continue to pray for her growth. Two verses that have been in my head and heart are Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” and Psalm 9:10 “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” We know that He is walking with us, and again, we are celebrating and rejoicing over 2 healthy 27 week + 5 day babies! Sure, they may be a little tiny, but after all we have been through, we can handle tiny with Him by our side!

Thank you friends for lifting up our babies in prayer – it means more than we could ever express.

With love,

Josh, Chelsea, and big sis Cali (bow-wow!)


10 ways to keep your relationship thriving.

View More:

When EmpowHer reached out to me to see if I was interested in writing a piece about how to keep your relationship thriving through infertility struggles, the answer was a resounding YES! Because I have seen time and time again how the stresses of infertility can impact a relationship. Add together all of the elements of the struggle, the emotional, financial, hormonal, physical, and spiritual stressors, and if you aren’t careful, you have so many ingredients for conflict.

So, I happily dove into writing a list, 10 ways to make your relationship thrive, which you can read by clicking this link below:

Trying For a Baby? 10 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Thriving

(And by clicking and reading, it always is a great way of letting them know you enjoy reading what I am writing, hence continued gigs, so thank you!)

But continue reading here… because there is a #1 that I wasn’t able to include in this list and it shouldn’t surprise you … the best way to make your relationship thrive through infertility or ANY struggle, is to make sure that it’s rooted in Christ.

Without Jesus as the center of your marriage, conflict will give the devil a foothold to sneak in and cause so much distress. We have to keep in mind who created marriage – God! Which means your relationship is a spiritual relationship that works best when the two of you are connected with Jesus, taking time to walk with Him, read His Word, pray together, and seeking His will for your lives. When we ignore putting Him first, we ultimately are ignoring the one who created marriage and knows how to best make it work.

So, as you go through and read my list, keep in mind that yes, all of those things will help you create a thriving relationship, but nothing will help you THRIVE and SURVIVE more than Jesus.

Josh and I find it crucial to get to church together every weekend, taking time to talk about the message and engage in worship together. We love serving together, volunteering in our church cafe and giving back to the church. We know how important small groups are and throughout our years, have participated in ones separately and together. Right now we are both in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), him doing the men’s only class and me in the women’s only class – both doing the same study, so we have a chance to talk about what we are learning. At night we take time to pray together. We certainly aren’t perfect by any means, but we truly try to make it a priority to keep Christ at the center of our relationship and in our choices. When you take the time to put God in the daily parts of your lives, it becomes easier to bring Him into the big stuff. It changes the way we talk to one another, the level of love and respect that we show each other, and keeps our goals in check with what we feel He wants for our family.

Not there with your spouse today? That’s okay! It’s as simple as a daily prayer, asking God to help become the center of your marriage. One book I have loved is Power of a Praying Wife, which has helped equip me on how to be praying for Josh daily. But there are so many great books out there for couples to read together! Like this one, this one, or this one.

Happy reading!

Photo taken by Gina Zeidler

baby shower #1.

This past Sunday, we got to celebrate a day that I never thought would arrive … my BABY SHOWER! *Cue all the tears, feels, emotions, and mush* I prayed for this day for so long. Like many of you, I’ve spent time in the bathroom at many baby showers collecting myself and wiping away a few tears, wondering if it would ever be my turn. Years passed and then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, last Sunday it was my turn and it was just as magical and special and miraculous as I ever imagined. It made the wait so worth it – the celebration on this end felt so rich and meaningful.

This first shower of ours was hosted and planned by my sister-in-law Monica, who did an amazing job from start to finish! (And I know she had a special helper in my mother-in-law Lori and my nieces!) I loved that I was able to be surprised with the details and felt so special and loved knowing how excited she was to plan this event. This shower was mainly Josh’s side of the family and family friends. It was so great to celebrate with those who have prayed for us for so long!

Here’s a peek at our invitations! The theme was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.


The morning started off with so many nerves! I didn’t anticipate to wake up with so many butterflies in my stomach. Was this real life? I struggled to anticipate what my emotions would be, as well as manage what I thought others would be expecting my emotions to be. I was nervous to be the center of attention for an event that was waited on for years. Thankfully after some prayers and deep breathing, the butterflies went away and the excitement was full-on!

One of my best friends Julie came by in the morning to curl my hair for me, which was so fun. It loved being able to process through my thoughts with her and seriously, she does the best job with my hair. It felt a little like a school dance moment, as I slipped on my dress, her and her family oohed and ahhed. It was so sweet and I am thankful for her offering to come celebrate with me the morning of!

Here’s a running-out-the-door bathroom selfie of my shower look! The dress is from Pink Blush Maternity and was so incredibly comfortable! The navy and pink colors were of course an ode to baby boy and boy girl. (PS – If you haven’t already shopped Pink Blush or Pink Blush Maternity, what are you waiting for!? They are my favorite online boutique!)


Josh drove me to the shower and got to see all the fun festivities before sneaking off to play pickleball with his brother and dad. We got to walk in to a house full of gorgeous decorations and very eager family ready to celebrate! Here are some of the gorgeous touches!

IMG_0733 - Copy








The shower was over the lunch hour and we ate an amazing spread of soups (tomato basil, beef barley, and duck wild rice) and sandwiches (ham, roast beef, and turkey with delicious condiments and gourmet cheeses). The spread was completed with homemade potato chips and a lovely fruit spread. It was catered by Lake Elmo Inn and SO DELICIOUS! Desserts were yummy cupcakes, turtle bar bites, and coconut macaroons. SWOON.

In the invitations, Monica invited guests to participate in a diaper raffle and we were so blessed to get so many boxes of diaper to start off our unending need! Guest began to arrive and were invited to fill out “I Wish…” cards for babies and also, grab a Bingo card to begin filling it out for the gift opening. Everyone was visiting, laughing, eating and talking about different gifts that could be included on the bingo card. I still couldn’t believe this day was about US!




When we transitioned to the gift opening, Monica and my mother-in-law started with a little game where they asked me questions and saw how my answer compared to Josh’s. Monica asked me all the questions first and then surprised me by popping in a DVD to see how Josh responded. It’s so special to now have these answers on film! Here’s the questions and how we both answered them (edited versions):

  1. What is Chelsea’s favorite pregnancy food craving?

C: buffalo wild wings (parmesan garlic)

J: buffalo wild wings (parmesan garlic with blue cheese dressing)

  1. What is one word that would describe Chelsea’s mood while being pregnant?

C: happy

J: appreciative

  1. Do you think your baby girl will be born with a full head of hair? And your boy?

C: yes / yes

J: yes / yes

  1. How many diapers do you think the babies will go through in their first year?

C: 7,000

J: 7,300

  1. How many hours do newborns sleep each day?

C: 15 hours

J: I think they just sleep and eat, so I will say sleeping 18 hours a day.

  1. Which baby items have you registered for that you believe will be most helpful?

C: Some sort of rocker/swing, like a Rock’N’Play or a Mama Roo.

J: I’ve heard the Mama Roo is pretty awesome.

  1. What aspects of motherhood do you think Chelsea is most looking forward to?


J: Just being able to cuddle with the babies.

  1. What traits of Chelsea do you hope the babies inherit and don’t inherit?

C: My empathy or compassion. Don’t inherit my stubbornness to admit when I am wrong.

J: Her love of other people and caring about other people. I hope they don’t inherit her habit of not putting lids back on any jars or containers.

  1. What traits of Josh do you hope the babies inherit and don’t inherit?

C: I hope they inherit his sense of humor and positivity. (forgot to reply to the don’t inherit part)

J: I hope they inherit the same work ethic that I inherited from my dad. I hope they don’t inherit my webbed toes.

  1. Which memory from growing up do you hope to recreate with your babies?

C: Making the little things an adventure, like going to the grocery store or cleaning up toys. My mom always made normal things extra special.

J:  Rough housing and playing with my dad. It was so fun to team up on dad and mess around with him.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about being a dad to a girl?

C: Having daddy/daughter moments.

J: Having daddy daughter times and making sure she knows how loved she is. I want to show her how loved she is and what it looks like for a man to care for her in her life.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about being a dad to a boy?

C: Having a little buddy to rough house with and hunt with.

J: Instill in him a solid faith and a strong work ethic, and what it means to be a real man. Not in the worlds definition, but what it means to be a man of God. And bow hunting. For both of them. And loving pizza.

  1. What aspect of being a parent are you most excited about in general?

C: Having the opportunity to raise kiddos to love Jesus.

J: It’s another way to experience love and to be able to love even deeper. It’s a different kind of love and I can’t wait to experience that.

As you can imagine, it was so special to hear Josh’s answers! I can’t wait to see him as a daddy to our human kiddos! (He’s such a great dad already to Cali!)

Next I opened gifts, and was so incredibly blessed with such special goodies! Monica asked guests to bring a book instead of a card, and I loved that we are able to get our kiddos library started off strong! (If you know me well, you know I LOVE books. Top  favorite things of all time. So these books are so treasured!). Our babies got such special practical and fun items. A huge thank you to everyone who blessed us so richly!



Before I knew it, we were giving out hugs and saying our goodbyes! The afternoon flew by! Monica handed out lavender chamomile sugar scrubs stars as a parting favor, which is one of my favorite scents ever! It was such a lovely parting gift!


It truly was such a wonderful day from start to finish! Josh came to pick me up and helped pack up the car. I smiled the rest of the night, so gratitude that we were able to celebrate this day, a day of God’s faithfulness! It was a dream come true in more ways than one.

When we got home, I finally remembered that I wanted a non-selfie picture of myself in my dress with my 25+4 baby bump, and of course by then, my hair had fallen, the sun went away, and I looked as tired as I felt, but still …. we had to capture the day and moment!

pink blush

Now, to my friends who are still waiting, hang in there. It’s h-a-r-d, I understand, but I’m believing that you’ll be the center of the party in the future and praying for that day to come soon for each of you. Keep the faith that your waiting will not be in vain. The wait will make the celebration even richer than you could ever imagine! And God will get so much glory!

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate. Our hearts are SO FULL. Thank you Jesus for the chance to celebrate these little lives!


(left to right bottom) Colleen, Jeannie, Nancy, Meghan, Grandma Jones, Denise, Aunt Donna, Pam, Alicia, Emily, Katie, Gena, Diane, Lori, Kinsely, Scarlett, and Gabby. (left to right top) Patti Jo, Rachel, Lynn, Monica, Courtney, me, Mom, and Jeannie



Fear is a tricky thing. It sneaks in and causes us to begin to doubt, worry, and become uncertain about our future. The “what if’s” grow so great and before we know it, our eyes are down, our stomachs are achy and our hearts are racing. We worry that the worst will come true and reckon that God will never come through because our circumstances seem too great. We have all been there – that helpless feeling of heaviness. It will never change .. get better … be easy for me … 

Last weekend in church we sang the words “Fear is losing ground to our hope in You…” and it reminded me that the ONLY way we can beat fear is by turning our eyes off our circumstances and placing them on God. We know He did not give us a spirit of fear!!! (2 Timothy 1:7) That means that all those worries, doubts and fears aren’t coming from Him but are coming from the devil with hopes to snatch our peace, our hope, and our trust. We HAVE to place our eyes on God. We have to dig into the Bible, fill our ears with worship music, and scribble down verses and characteristics of our Father because otherwise, our hope will lose ground to fear. And it HAS to be the other way around. Because hope isn’t an emotion – it’s a given promise to God’s children. We can trust Him to pull through in His timing. We don’t have to live life afraid of the outcomes of our circumstances because we can trust that He wants the best for us.

What fears are holding your heart captive today? Is it a fear that you’ll never get the chance to be a mother? Or perhaps, that you’ll never get ahead of your financial struggles, or your health will never be what you want it to be? Maybe you worry that you will never truly be happy or filled with joy, or be able to form the type of relationship with Jesus that others talk about. Perhaps it’s your marriage – will it ever feel like you hit the sweet spot? Or will you ever recover from your divorce emotionally? Will your child/children be able to process life with only 1 parent in the picture?

Friends, I’m right there with you. Sometimes I lay in bed at night worrying about whether I can make it to full-term with these babies, or wondering if we will be able to parents these twins and raise them as Christ-followers. I worry I will not be able to handle a lack of sleep, or if I will be able to transition well from my lifestyle of independence and be able to ask for help easier. Will one of our children have a learning disability? A physical handicap that will make their life more challenging? Will they be stubborn and rebel against us? Will I be able to handle with kindness all of the ADVICE everyone seems to want to share? The list goes on and on. And the fear sets in. The worries we often wonder about are legit, possible fears (and sometimes they aren’t), but the truth is, there’s enough for us all to worry about all night.

Let’s be intentional not to let fear take root in ours hearts. We have to intentionally turn it over to the One who never wanted our minds filled with these worries to begin with. Trust Him to refill our hope and allow fear to lose ground because us+ Jesus together are stronger than any worry we may face. 

(This post from a few years ago reminded me how easy it is to just pray about our fears.)