The babies are coming!

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that when I think about Josh becoming a daddy, “I think I may actually just burst”, and apparently I meant literally! 😂 My water for baby boy broke around 4:15 pm last evening, which means it’s go time! We checked in to the hospital and are so thankful for our amazing team of doctor and nurses assisting the babies who are leading the way. 
Here’s the plan: KEEP BABIES IN UNTIL WEDNESDAY. Thankfully I am not in labor which makes this plan more realistic (for now.) Since the babies are 34w5d, we are working to beef up their lungs and prevent brain issues by doing 2 rounds of steroids 24 hours apart, along a magnesium drip and antibiotics to prevent infection for baby boy. Both kiddos seem to be doing great despite the circumstances and so we take it hour by hour and pray that God allows these medications to take full effect over the next couples days.

Although we were praying and hopeful they wouldn’t need NICU time, we know this won’t be an option for now, so we are transitioning our thinking and expectations, knowing full well God has known their birthdays and birthing stories from the beginning.

Would you join us in praying for us (again?). We are sooooo beyond excited and filled with peace and pray our son and daughter arrive safely, healthily, and perfectly in the coming days. And also, for me, as there are many risk factors playing into things, that delivery, whatever it looks like, be safe and preferably non-emergent?

Our phones aren’t top priority right now so please don’t be offended if we don’t get back to a call or text … we will do our best to keep you all posted! Thank you thank you thank you!