One of my favorite things about sharing this journey is all of the random love and support we get! There is nothing better than an inbox message popping up from someone checking in that I haven’t talked to in years. I love that this is bringing old friends back into my life, giving me the chance to develop new connections and strengthen standing relationships.

Our update! So, as many of you saw on Facebook, the appointment on Monday went great! We were told that we had a perfect size follie (whoop whoop!), great lining, and were able to administer an at-home shot to induce ovulation. (Which I did thanks to my super supportive girlfriends rooting me on outside the bathroom door … and my sister-in-law that made me worry she really would jab me with it if I didn’t act fast.) With that said, we were finally able to have the perfect “ingredients” to have the IUI done yesterday.

And I have to brag and praise God for this one – and perhaps it’s a little too much information, but heck, it’s a praise – in order to do the IUI, there has to be a minimum sperm count of 10 million. The nurse said that a “great count” would be 30 million. And then she told me that we had a super amazing sperm count of 74 MILLION. #BOOM! (Never thought I would be talking about sperm counts online with all of you but, seriously, can we all just cheer that we got some great news!?!). So really, there is nothing else we could do or ask for that would make this month better.

So now guess what we have to do?

That’s right … WAIT. My favorite thing!

Due to the hormones in the shot, we aren’t able to do at-home pregnancy tests because chances are high for a false positive. So we have to wait a few weeks and then go into the clinic for a blood test. And then wait for them to call us later with the results. Eck! It’s an exciting time though and truly, regardless of the outcome this month (which I am declaring to be positive!), I just feel at peace with where we are right now. Our God is so good and faithful in many ways, even when the outcomes aren’t exactly we are always looking for. He knows best and continues to prove that.

In the meantime, to pass time, anyone have a good book recommendations? Want to go get ice cream? Veg with a season of TV? Lay out by the pool? Text me a good joke? Please keep me entertained … these waits are long! : )