friday favorites – september 26.


Happy Friday! Man, I didn’t post Friday Favorites last week due to the Community Post (which received so much awesome feedback – I am so glad you loved it too!) and now my Friday Favorite list is 16 pages long. Well, not really, but close. I will try to trim and be as succinct as possible. You know how well that works for me, HA!

Favorite Accomplishment and Proud Wife Moment: Josh and I, along with my sister and one of my best friends Jana signed up for a 10-week fitness challenge last July through a local workout center (FXB) and finished our 10-weeks this last Saturday. Not only did we all accomplish it and feel great about our results, but my hubby ended up WINNING the challenge for the men and took home the $1,000 prize and champ title! Way to go Josh! Between the two of us we lost 37 pounds, 36 inches in our chest, waist, hips, arms and legs and crushed our sit-up and push-up per-minute challenges. (This man did 73 push-ups in a minute! And somehow I went from 0 push-ups – yes, zero – to 45. I’ll take it!)  I managed to not only run a mile (twice) but shaved over 2 minutes off of my time. (Okay so it was 2 minutes and 2 seconds, but still …). Either way, I am super proud of Josh and us girls and am excited to continue the 6 days a week program and build on our results. So of course, let us take some selfies.

these are all post-workouts so ignore the sweat.

these are all post-workouts so ignore the sweat.


Favorite Starbucks Drink: I miss lattes, wahhhhh. But that being said, I LOVE getting an unsweetened iced coffee and adding a splash of half and half and then tons of cinnamon. Yes, powdered cinnamon! (Don’t get this confused and ask for their cinnamon syrup, which is delicious, but defeats the point.) Powdered cinnamon doesn’t dissolve and beware, it does take a few minutes of stirring before you can get it to disperse throughout, but it adds a delicious flavor and has great health benefits. It regulates blood sugar, slows the rate at which the stomach empties after meals, reduces LDL cholesterol, is highly anti-inflammatory and reduces cytokines linked to arthritic pain, reduces chronic inflammation linked with neurological disorders, reduces the proliferation of cancer cells, improves brain activity AND it contains a natural chemical called cinnamaldehyde, which studies show increases the hormone progesterone in woman. Oh goodness, I could continue but I won’t. But seriously, just adding a teaspoon to your drink is a great thing! Delicious!


Favorite Quote: I was in a bit of a funk the other day and my friend Jana sent me this. So perfect.



Favorite Dramatic Moment: For once it doesn’t involve me. HA! We have been having some strange weather here in Minnesota lately – 50 degrees one day and then this weekend, back to the 80’s. I flipped on my fireplace a week or two ago briefly and my dramatic dog wandered over to her bed and passed out. It made me laugh and goodness, doesn’t she look so comfy and cozy?

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Favorite TV Moment: Um, 2 of them. 1) DERRICK WINNING BIG BROTHER!! (And Frankie not placing in the top 3 for America’s Favorite Player) and 2) alllllll of the fall tv shows which are making their way back to my DVR box. Parenthood, Grey’s, Vampire Diaries? I’m a happy girl.

Favorite Selfies: Can I even have this section? Well, I am anyways. Here are some of my favorite pictures with my hubby and sister.

IMG_4617 IMG_4618 IMG_4616 IMG_4614 IMG_4613

Favorite Funnies: Here we go!!







What happens on a humid day

What happens on a humid day






Hope you have a fabulous weekend friends!

10 thoughts on “friday favorites – september 26.

  1. Joanna Clarke says:

    How inspiring for you, Josh and Co. to complete a fitness challenge! I wish I had that motivation. You guys look great! Bravo!

    I absolutely love Cinammon too! Not sure I’d you’ve ever tried it, but in Hispanic culture we boil Cinammon sticks in a small pot of water and drink it as a tea. It’s delicious and you can add a bit of milk to it (sugar too) if you like. It’s perfect for the fall and winter and it helps calm down pesky cramps! We call it Canela :)

  2. Elisha says: Your funnies were off the chain today! I saved a few to my “funnies” file for whenever I need a good laugh! Thanks so much!! Also, your new favorite quote is now my new favorite quote! Thanks for sharing! xo

    • chels819 says:

      HAH! Glad you liked them girl! I giggled my way through them! And yes, feel free to use any of them at any times! It can be hard to keep finding funnies!! And I am glad that quote blessed you too. :) xoxo!

  3. pikachu4you says:

    LMAO! I love the funnies. Man they crack me up every time. Great job on the weight loss and Congrats to Josh! That is really a big accomplishment. Nothing like shedding a few pounds and feeling better about your self. Have a great weekend.

    • chels819 says:

      Thank you! Yes, its amazing how hard work pays off … I love that you love the funnies too! I always find comic relief to be such a valuable part of life!! :) XO!

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