Last day.

Okay this is the last time I’ll say anything about this but today’s the last day to make a purchase from Norwex or Younique by using our fundraiser link: Click Here!

Thanks to EVERYONE who has placed an order thus far, we have appreciated it greatly! Our hearts are full and humbled by the support of so many of you. I’ve been taking time to pray over each name and their families as confirmations come in and I can only hope and pray that your families are touched and blessed as a result of the kindness you’ve shown.

Thank you!

Lots of love, Josh and Chelsea


“ThAnKs fOr hElPiNg mY fAmILy!!!” Love, Cali

6 thoughts on “Last day.

    • chels819 says:

      It didn’t but for some reason the mobile search has been weird and we can’t find out why! Desktop searches seem to be working great but sometimes with the mobile, closing it and retrying in 5 minutes seems to work best. Worst case don’t choose a host and make the purchase through Jana’s page and we can call them and get it moved to my party. THANK YOU FOR TRYING! It means so much!!!

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