friday favorites – november 21st.


Anyone else feel like this after this week? Man, it’s been one of those weeks where I have had the best things fill my time and then also a million things I didn’t want to do but had to do. (And about 90% are still on my list, completely overwhelming me.) Deadlines are quickly approaching and truthfully I am not sure how I am going to fit everything in that needs to be done, while enjoying the fun things scheduled.  I will manage though – it’s all good! I say all this because Friday Favorites are going to be short and sweet this week to allow for me to get some less fun but higher priorities taken care of. I know you’ll understand. :)

Here we go!

Favorite Tradition: Every year the women on Josh’s side of the family get together to make homemade rock candy. It’s a blast, as we all gather around the table with our scissors and molting sugar and gab and visit about life, while sneaking tastes of whatever batch we are making – peach, apple, coconut, cran-raspberry. I’ve been asked for the recipe a lot so here it is!


A few tips, I have included below some “live” shots from the day to help you piece it together. A few suggestions too:

  • Plan a few hours to make it and have several sets of hands, as the sugar does cool/harden quickly and you need to cut fast!IMG_7162
  • Have good scissors to cut. Shattering it leaves sharp jagged pieces which aren’t any fun to eat.Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset
  • Cover your nearby surroundings with old sheets because the powdered sugar dust does travel.
  • Have fun with the flavorings and colors you choose to go along with it.IMG_7167
  • Put wax paper down on the area you are working on and then cover that table with powdered sugar. It makes it much easier!IMG_7163
  • Use old plates greased with butter to have the liquid sugar on and then pulled up from the sides small chunks to cut off, throw in the powdered sugar, and then have one of your cutters grab to make into smaller pieces.IMG_7170
  • Leave all your little pieces in the sugar until they cool and then using a strainer, shake off most of the access powdered sugar. (You can reshake it all off at the end when everything is cooled).IMG_7165
  • HAVE FUN! I am sure I have missed some tips (and perhaps my guru mother-in-law can comment anything I have forgotten), but I wanted to get this out to you since so many people have commented on Instagram and asked for the recipe. It’s a blast to do!IMG_7171

Favorite Thing I’m Looking Forward To: Mockingjay, Part 1 comes out this weekend! Who’s ready to get their Katniss Everdeen on!?


Favorite Thoughtful Gesture: My sweet friend Jessica surprised me with this book and card this week. I had mentioned a while back in passing that this book was on my to-read list and was so graciously surprised when it showed up in my mailbox weeks later. Thank you Jessica! (And your card made me all teary – so special and encouraging!)


Favorite Wallpaper: If you don’t utilize the She Reads Truth app/website for daily devotions and encouragement, get on it! SO GOOD! They offer tons of free wallpaper downloads too that correlate with their series and I just loved this one.


Favorite Video: This video of a woman doing impressions of celebrities who are stuck in traffic is HILARIOUS! A couple minutes long and totally worth the laugh.

Celebrities Stuck In Traffic Impressions

Favorite Funnies:











Enjoy! I am off to get things checked off this ever-growing list of mine. I can’t wait to check back in a few days and share the AMAZING results of our fundraiser with you. If I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU for everything. We were overwhelmed by the kindness that our friends, family, and strangers bestowed on us. The simple act of your purchase signified much more than you wanting to buy a lipgloss, it signified that you were still standing behind us and supporting us as we move forward. It meant so much. And to those who weren’t able to make a purchase, we appreciated SO much your reaching out to commit your prayers to us. While the funds raised are amazing and helpful, the team we have behind us rallying behind us is what means the most to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Oh and I can’t end it without sharing this ridiculously adorable picture of Cali at 4 months. I think she has gotten much more used to her mom taking pictures of her. Have a great weekend!

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

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