miss conception coach.


I am so excited to be a part of Miss.Conception Coach’s Online Fertility Conference! This conference is hosted by Chiemi, aka Miss Conception Coach, where TTC bloggers are rallying together for 3 weeks to share our stories, perspectives, popular blog pieces and offer support to those around us. Basically it’s three weeks of inspiration, hope and sisterhood all within a community of women that bless me every day. How could you go wrong??

Today is day 2 so you’re not too late! And I am honored to be featured today on the website, sharing a popular piece from last year, reminding those struggling to start or grow their family how normal they are. I would love it if you would click over and check it out! And while you are over there, I encourage you to look at all of the wonderful resources available as well. You won’t be disappointed!

To Read More: Click Here 

Can’t wait to continue reading all of the blog pieces that are ahead of us! And check out Elena’s day 1 piece from yesterday too – a great one! If you are looking for more ways to connect, check out Miss Conception Coach on Instagram (@missconceptioncoach) for support and resources as well! (And while you are there, connect with me too! I’m @chels819!).

Happy reading! :)




6 thoughts on “miss conception coach.

  1. Kerri says:

    I have just started reading your blogs and I think you’re incredible and so inspirational! I too have been through similar pain with numerous failed IVF/ICSI attempts. However, despite all medical profesional opinion we have defied all odds on our fertility struggle. I too have just started a blog http://www.babyhopesblog.weebly.com.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and stay strong!

    • chels819 says:

      Thanks so much for your words and for reading!! I am so sorry to hear about your long journey as well but congrats on being the odds! Amazing! Thanks for the encouragement – I’ll check your blog out! :)

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