We are immensely grateful and blessed to share the news that they retrieved 27 eggs today. (My last retrievals had yielded 11 and 14. Yes, it was a different protocol and I’ll be sure to share all the differences in a future post!) Wow! We feel incredibly grateful that God has allowed us to be the good stewards of so many eggies. We know this number has been His plan since the beginning and our hopes are that He continues to work in the mighty ways only He can! We will find out tomorrow how many are mature and then, how many were fertilized. We plan to freeze all viable on days 5/6 for a future FET in the coming months. Wowza! We are so blessed! One step closer to our embryos/babies! 

My doctor is being super proactive and cautious about preventing OHSS, which is a concern, so I have started some treatments already for that. (She was so wise to do a lose dose hcg trigger and also, combine it with the Lupron triggers. She’s truly so involved, wise and proactive. I can’t speak more highly of her and her nurses!) If you could join us in praying against OHSS from occurring, I would greatly appreciate it! Again, none of this is a surprise to Him and our prayers are not only that our take home baby is in there, but also, their sibling(s)! Just call us the Duggars 2.0! HA! 

The love, peace, prayers and support we felt today was humbling. From your texts to your posts to your emails, our hearts were so comforted knowing we had SUCH a great army behind us. When I was getting settled in the OR, I asked the nurses for a second to say a quick prayer silently and not only did they support my request, but 2 of them laid their hands on me for a brief moment of silence. I know God has been circling that moment for a while. πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™†πŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ’– 

Now I nap and rest! I’m thankful for salty foods, liquids, pain meds, heating pads, and friends and family who have hooked us up with meals for the week. My heart may burst – we just feel so loved and cheered for. God continues to affirm Himself to us. I know this journey doesn’t always make sense to everyone, but it makes sense to Him. And so we step into the waters and make ourselves available. He is the perfect promise maker and sustainer! 

No matter what, God is present, close and we are praising Him today for His goodness! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Can we all just lift up one gigantic THANK YOU praise to Him today? With all the prayers sent, lets flood those gates with thanksgiving too! HE IS SO GOOD! Tears + joy!

Thanks all! You’re the BEST!

PS: How fitting is it that as of today, all of our puzzle pieces have been claimed? I can’t help but smile. He is in this so much it gives me goosebumps. :)