the impact on relationships.

Navigating relationships while struggling with infertility can be a challenging thing! Friends, family, significant others. We walk a line of guarding our hearts, while loving others without hesitation. We try to figure out how to protect marital intimacy while being told when we can (and can’t) have sex. We throw ourselves into the friendships and community around us, all while they may (or may not) know about the desire for a family raging inside us. We watch siblings start their families and relationships with grandparents develop with our nephews and nieces and try to navigate all the emotions that come with wanting that too. We celebrate first, second, and third pregnancies for friends, while wondering if and when, our own family will grow.

When EmpowHer asked me to write a piece about the impact on relationships while struggling with infertility, I jumped at it. It’s not often talked about and I wanted to start the conversation. Start it. Because there is so much more to be said, but for today, this is a start.

“The impact infertility plays in life is tremendous. When faced with delayed dreams to start or grow a family, personal relationships are inevitably altered, in both good ways and bad. But how? To gather a variety of experiences on this topic, I did what any other normal millennial would do … “(click here to continue reading) 

I wanted to thank the TTC community for jumping into this conversation with me and being the voices (literally!) behind this article. The words you shared were vulnerable, real, raw, and diverse. I plan to share more of what you said this summer, so stay tuned!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!