miscarriage support.


The emails and texts are common: “My friend just had a miscarriage. What should I say or do?” I absolutely love the compassion these women express as they attempt to stand next to their grieving friend. I do my best to reply, but I know my experiences are unique and may not be the same as everyone.

So I opened the question up and connected with over 100 women who’ve stood in these difficult shoes too. We began to have a rich conversation on what was helpful and what wasn’t. I then was given the opportunity to write about that conversation and share these common threads, to help provide a resource for the future when these tragic and heart wrenching circumstances occur.

If you are looking for more information on how to help a friend suffering through a miscarriage, I’d encourage you to check out this article I wrote.

Click here for the article: 10 Tips to Help Someone Going Through a Miscarriage

Miscarriage talk is hard, often taboo, and it doesn’t make grief any easier. The support of others brings unspeakable healing. What about you? Did something not make the list that should have? Comment below and share with us what helped (or didn’t).

A special thanks to all of the women who vulnerably shared their grief, experiences, advice and words with me. While nothing is the same as holding your baby in your arms, the help and support you have been able to pass on as a result of your pain and grief is meaningful. Thank you.