staying positive, guest posting, and more.

Hi friends! I was recently asked be to a part of a community post, joining in the voices of 40+ infertility bloggers, to answer a simple question: How do you stay positive while going through infertility?

We know that infertility affects 1 in 6 couples and often times, these couples can feel alone. It is hard to pull yourself up from the overwhelming feelings of failure and shame. What I love about this post is that its comes from women who are just like you, who have experienced the same types of heartbreaks as you have, and now want to rally together to help you keep your chin up.

I was inspired reading each answer and hope you are too.


On a different note, I was also recently invited to write over at Compared to Who which is a wonderful blog devoted to helping Christian women improve their body image and find freedom from comparison. A special thanks to Heather for warmly welcoming me to her community!


Click here to read post

(Psssst – there is a special coupon code now active until July 15th in that article for anyone looking to purchase ‘In the Wait‘!) 

I’ll close today with a Scripture I’ve been working on learning + applying lately. I shared this on Instagram last week and was blessed to know I’m not alone. Here’s what I wrote:


This verse got me today. How many times have I sat there and asked God for direction? It typically goes something like this: “God, can you give me direction? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? Why aren’t You replying? Hello? What should I do? Where are You? Are You there? What’s my answer? Hello?” “Hmmm, He isn’t answering me. He must not be listening. I’m no better off then when I started praying. I don’t know why He doesn’t answer. Why do I even ask? I must not be doing this right.” Anyone else been there before? Where all you want is an ANSWER and so you ask and ask and ask and get NOTHING. So you stop praying about it. You transition to just wishing about it, talking to your friends about it, getting frustrated about it, and posting pretty memes on Instagram about it, all while secretly thinking your prayers aren’t working.

Friend, can I share with you what He reminded me today?




Renew your strength.

Basically God reminded me that to get direction for whatever it is we are praying about, we have to be quiet long enough to let Him speak. When we talk to a friend for advice, we talk, and then we listen. When we share our frustrations with a spouse, we talk and then we listen. When we ask Siri for directions, we type and then we listen. Why is it so often times we think we need to fill the entire space of conversation with God all the time? Just because He isn’t sitting in front of us physically doesn’t mean He isn’t willing or interested in responding to you. Take a breath. Close your eyes. Stop talking. Let your strength be renewed in the silence. His voice may not be audible, but His Word is. Open your Bible. Read what He has to say. Give Him time to reply. It may not happen in one day, or even one week, but He is there. He is in the silence, waiting for you to listen.

Happy Tuesday friends! Until next time ….



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