july crushes.

Happy July friends! This summer is flying by, isn’t it? It’s a hot one in Minnesota this week and I am so thankful for comforts like air conditioning, iced coffee and sundresses! Let’s just right into my July Crushes!


  1. Comforting worship songs.

My friend Lindsay emailed me this song with the sweetest words of encouragement and it’s been on repeat lately. The lyrics touched my heart and I know they will yours too. (Take Courage ft. Kristene DiMarco)

Also, Hillary Scott’s song Thy Will. Whooooof! All the tissues please! I love these powerful lyrics too.

  1. This Younique Glorious Primer.

Gals, this primer is the best. I have been through quite a few different kinds, trying to find the best value for the quality product and finally have the one. It’s much larger in size than other primers’s, meaning you don’t need to replace it often, (I only go through 2 tubes a year – max!). It’s soft, you don’t need much, and works SO well.

My friend Vanessa sells it if you don’t have a Younique consultant yet and I promise it’s SO worth it. (And don’t even get me started on their liquid foundation. Life changer.)


  1. UnderClub Subscription Boxes.

Who else has a bad habit of never treating themselves to a new pair of undies? I can’t be the only one! I swear my underwear drawer can get neglected at times and with as many times as I am dressing and undressing at doctor’s appointments, it’s also one clothing item that I see over and over and over again! So – new best thing – Underclub! They are a subscription company that sends you new undies each month, based completely on your preferred styles and fit preferences. They come in the cutest little package and you can review your pair each month. Ladies, if you need to freshen up your drawer, or just want to feel pampered before long stretches of doctor’s appointments, this is the subscription club for you! Go check them out.


How cute is this packaging!? From my mailbox to my bedroom. Love it!


Plus, a little personalized note! Ohhh and the bottom tears off to be used as a postcard. SNAIL MAIL LOVE!

  1. Funny Girls of Fertility t-shirts.

My friend Sharon has the best website devoted to selling different TTC t-shirts. Oh my goodness, they are SO soft and her whole mission is to heighten infertility awareness. Check out her shop! Here’s the one I am sporting this month!


  1. This emailed devotional.

Daily Double Portions from Sarah’s Laughter emailed out this great devotional a few days ago and it was just the words I needed to read. I wanted to share it here, even though it’s a lengthy July Crushes addition, because I am certain there’s someone else whose heart needs to read it too:

I have a favorite song.  Do you?  They play my favorite song on the radio all the time and every time they do, I turn up the volume and sing along like a teenager.  If the apostle Peter were alive today, I like to think he’d like my favorite song, too.

Let’s talk a little about Peter.  You just gotta love Peter.  A part of Jesus’ inner circle during His earthly journey, Peter was rambunctious and often spoke before thinking things through.  He did everything with a wild fierceness–including loving and denying.  Maybe I like Peter because I see a little bit of myself in him.

Perhaps my favorite story about Peter is found in Matthew 14 where he and his buddies are huddling together in mind-numbing fear in a rain drenched boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee.  They were facing a certain death unless something miraculous happened.  They looked out onto the Sea, and their miracle came walking to them on the surface of the waters.  Jesus appeared to them in the very middle of their storm.

Enter Peter.  Peter sees Jesus walking on the water and decided he just had to join Him.  Maybe he thought the storm would die down before his feet danced on the waves.  The thought of water splashing in his face and choking him was not in the forefront of his mind when he leapt out of the boat.  Believe it or not, I’m not being critical of Peter.  Would I have had the faith to step out of the boat?  I really don’t know.  But Peter did and he joined Jesus on a stroll that no one else ever had.

Peter was not totally successful that night, though, was he?  Before he’d had a chance to hardly get his feet wet, he took his eyes off of Jesus–for only a moment–and he began to sink.  Maybe you can relate to Peter, especially in the arena of infertility.  You step out of the boat of frustration and disappointment to tell your husband and your friends that you will not let infertility drag you down anymore.  You know God has a plan and you’ll wait patiently for it.  Then you have lunch with a friend, and the table next to yours hosts a woman with a newborn baby–the same age yours would have been had you not miscarried.  You take your eyes off of Jesus for a moment, the pain of infertility splashes you in the face like a thousand hurricanes, and you begin to sink.  Maybe it was the commercial that played during your favorite tv show: Having a baby changes everything.  Not having a baby changes everything too, including your firm footing on the sea of pain and disappointment.  Before you know what hit you, you’re drowning–again. 

What’s going to happen to you?  The same thing that happened to Peter. Immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and took hold of him…(Mt 14:31) Peter cried out to Jesus to save him, and without a moment’s delay, Jesus rescued him.

This is probably the point where you’re expecting me to tie this up with a pretty bow, and tell you how this applies to your struggle to have a baby.  Nope.  I’m not there yet.  I haven’t even told you what my favorite song is.  (Have you guessed yet?)  

The part of this story that I want you to focus on is not actually something that you read in Scripture.  Instead, I want you to focus on what we don’t see in this passage of Scripture.  When did the writer tell us about Jesus letting go of Peter?  After He reprimanded him for his lack of faith?  After they got back in the boat?  Did He hang on to him just long enough for him to catch his breath, and then let go again?  No.  In this account of Peter stepping out of the boat, walking on water, and needing to be rescued once more, there is never any mention of Jesus letting go of Peter.

While this doesn’t mean that Jesus and Peter walked around holding hands for the remainder of Jesus’ earthly ministry, I do not believe that that little tidbit of information was left out on accident.  Jesus didn’t let go of Peter during this story.  He knew just how long to hold on to him until he could stand strong, and He didn’t let go one moment too soon.  

Here’s the bow–and the song.  He’ll never let go. Through the highs and through the lows.  Through the calm and through the storm.  Through infertility and the marital stress it brings.  He’ll never let go.  Through negative tests and miscarriages.  Through positive tests and happy delivery rooms.  He’ll never, ever let go. (In case you’re wondering–Never Let Go by Matt Redmon is my favorite song.  Incidentally, he wrote this song after he and his wife suffered back to back miscarriages.)

If you can relate to Peter–trying, failing, stepping out, falling down–remember what Peter knew.  Jesus will never, ever let go of your hand.  If you listen closely, you may just hear Peter humming my favorite song.

I’ve had one of those months where my eyes have come off of Jesus and focused majorly on my own circumstances – my unanswered prayers, my aches, my emotions. None of those are wrong to process through, but when we focus more on ourselves then on Him, well, we sink. And I’ve been sinking. (More on that another day). This email came at the perfect time and was God’s way of saying “Chin up Chelsea! Look at me! Stop looking down! Give me the chance to hold on to you.”


Okay, lastly, Cali wanted to share one of her July Crushes – Dogs Love Kale treats! She got a surprise in the mail from our friend Ashley and was trying so hard to be polite and patient. She cracks me up!

(What doesn’t make her Favorites list is being swaddled by Mom. HA! Sorry doggie, until I have a baby, you’re it.)


Have a fabulous weekend!

 PS – I totally spaced on wishing my hubby a happy 11th anniversary here AND a happy 34th birthday! Babe, you’re the bee’s knees and truly, I am so thankful to be doing life with you. Love you dearly!



11 years later … We’ve still got it. HA! :)

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  1. Pam gall says:

    I love this blog. Happy Anniversary. This old lady may need to sign up for the monthly underwear delivery, I hope they have my size and style. See you soon pretty lady.

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