in the wait updates.

Hey friends!

First of all, can I just say THANK YOU for all of the support you have given to me + my author team over the last year?! We are nearing the 1 year anniversary since In the Wait was published and we’re completely blown away by what God has done. THANK YOU. For joining us, supporting us, praying for us, journeying through the study with us, and sharing what God has done in your life midst these pages. Our heart has always been and will always remain that we simply want to help women flourish in their relationship with Jesus, regardless of  waiting season they are in.

Here’s some of the amazing, encouraging words you have shared with us:

“You can tell that a LOT of compassion, prayer, and thoughtfulness went into writing this book. I’m someone who has read a lot of devotionals over the years and didn’t know what to expect with this one. This study exceeded my expectations and is my favorite study I’ve done in a very, very long time. The topic of “In the Wait” is relevant to us during so many (if not all) times of our lives. My current wait is centered around starting my family and I found it very relevant for my current situation, however anyone who is waiting for anything (marriage, a promotion at work, healing, clarity for their future) would benefit from it. The authors are very real and honest and they ALWAYS point back to scripture. This is a very interactive study so grab a journal, your Bible, a pen, this book and be ready to dive in deep!”
– Lauren

“This was just what I needed and as I have been in a season of waiting! It was well written, very relate-able I almost felt like it was written just for me. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!”
– Nicole S.

“Oh, this study was great! I chose to do this study with a high school student I am mentoring. It was amazing to see it apply so well in both of our lives although 15 years apart. The true stories from the heart really made an impression on me and have impacted my life as I go forward. The high school student I met with feels that now after completing the study her eyes have been opened to difficult situations she may encounter in her future. I highly recommend this book to any one, any age looking to simply improve their Christian walk.”
– Anna E.

“This book has changed my perspective on patience completely. I found I am more able to seek God and find peace in understanding His plans are greater than mine. This is so simple to say but was a process through this six-week study of seeking God and really digging into His word. I loved how everything was tied back to His word and founded in truth. I pick this book up frequently since I finishing the study for little reminders that have been left hidden in my heart and impact how I live. Thank you “In the Wait” ladies for putting together this book to give us a better understanding of seasons of wait no matter what that wait is.”
– Natalie

All of these words remind us that God is faithful in following through when we venture into an unknown. So so grateful!

(Side Note: if you would love to help us out and leave us a review on Amazon, we would GREATLY appreciate it! Simply click here and scroll to the Customer Review section. You’ll see the option and it should only take a few seconds. You rock.)

Now, I have TWO exciting announcements!

  1. You guys have brought In the Wait into small groups all over the world. You’ve taken this devotional and combined it with community and that makes our hearts pitter patter! In fact, thanks to your requests and with your encouragement, we are in the final stages of publishing an In the Wait Leaders Guide, which will be available for sale on Amazon and Holly Holt Design by the end of August 2016. YES! This 80+ page guide will provide you with everything you need to take In the Wait from a self-study devotional into a small group. Conversation Questions, Tips and Tricks as a Leader, Individual Study Session Guides, How to Form a Small Group, etc … We are so excited to help equip YOU to bring women together. More details will be out in the coming weeks … but I would love to ask you to begin praying about what God may have planned for you this fall or winter. Maybe He’s asking you to branch out, become a leader, met with some friends over coffee and authentically dive into real life, focusing on growing in Him.
IMG_3034 - Copy.JPG

A lovely group from Minnesota! We love seeing pictures like these! 

2. Perhaps you aren’t in a place to dive into or lead a small group this year … we have another option! Did you know twice a year we offer an online Bible study community to journey through In the Wait together with women all over the world? And spots are NOW open for our FALL 2016 group!

The purpose of this group is to build community, help create accountability, encourage you right where you’re at today, and provide you with a safe place to process through what God is teaching you. All women, in all different seasons of waiting, of all ages, who have the book, are invited to join! And the timing of this study is perfect. It will usher in some daily quiet time prior to advent and what always becomes a busy holiday season. I truly believe God is going to move and stir in your heart as you continue to press forward into His.

If this is the first time you’re reading about the In the Wait devotional, check out this page on my blog to learn more, check out study details here, or look us up on Amazon. Between these three spots, you’ll a great idea of what this study is all about!

Our goal for this study is to show that we can take these seasons of waiting – exciting, easy, hard and painful ones – and grow closer to God in them. It is possible to live life FULLY while being in an unknown season.

Thanks to the incredibly helpful feedback of participants in our last 2 online groups, we’ll be adding some awesome features for this next session too! A few new highlights:

– Each week will be author-led, full of videos and unique engagement on the stories and words shared that week;
– Tons of NEW downloads, lock screens, prints and resources;
– A members directory will be available immediately, giving you the chance to connect with people in a similar season and build on the friendships that begin;
– New daily questions, polls, community-building interactions and a solid, strong prayer group;
– And that’s just to name a few!

Membership / Access to the group will be LIMITED to 150 spots, first come first serve so I wouldn’t wait too long to sign up, they are already starting too fill up! Membership is $5 (less than $1 a week!) and will give us the chance to provide you lots of extras (like snail mail!).

***To purchase access to the online small group and learn more, click here:***

Our purpose for this online small group is threefold:
1) to build a safe community with others who are also in a season of waiting;
2) to create accountability to have daily quiet time; and
3) to encourage each of us, right where we are, to process what God is teaching us all.

So maybe you have a friend that comes to mind that may want to join you … INVITE THEM! Or maybe you’d love to help act as God’s hands + feet and share a little about your journey with ‘In the Wait’ on social media … we’d adore that! Tag us on Instagram at @IntheWaitStudy and #IntheWaitStudy!! Here are some images for you to share if you would be so kind!






Let’s all celebrate what God is doing … because without Him, NONE of this would be possible! Amen!? 

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