we have a plan!


The update is in!

For those who have been following our infertility story (Trilogy? Series? Volumes?), you know that thanks to our April egg retrieval with Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine – Minneapolis, we have SEVEN embryos frozen and awaiting their eventual transfers. You’ve been patiently waiting for an update and I am thrilled to share that WE HAVE A PLAN!

That’s right, the date has been penciled in and as of tomorrow, our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) will officially be underway!


Here’s the deets:

Friday, August 12th (tomorrow!): Hysteroscopy and endometrial scratch procedures

The hysteroscopy is where the doctor will go into my uterus and make sure everything looks okay for transfer. It’s done with a thin, lighted tube that is inserted to examine the cervix and inside of the uterus. Pretty amazing what technology can do!

The endometrial scratch is a bit more uncomfortable (said with a tense smile). Here my doctor will scratch or “scrape” the inside my uterus. Why? Well, there’s some solid research that suggests that scratching the uterine lining causes the body to go into a “repair mode”. The natural repair process in the weeks to come releases different hormones and chemicals that are said to assist with implantation. Also, the new lining that’s created after it “scabs” is thought to be more receptive to an implanting embryo.

Hey, when you have done all we have done … Scratch away.

(But feel free to send some extra prayers my way tomorrow afternoon during the procedures.)

Friday, August 26th: Hardcore IVF drugs and injections begin.

Bring on the crazy. Or more crazy. If that’s possible. I don’t know, either way, pray for Josh. ;) I’m on just a few basics right now and it’s been brutal.

September: Drugs, drugs, more drugs, ultrasounds, acupuncture, blood work, drugs, drugs, cupping, drugs.

Oh, and a quick trip to San Francisco for the FertilityIQ Basecamp. (SO PUMPED.) Consider this your reminder to go leave us some question feedback for your chance to win a $150 Amazon giftcard.




Monday, October 3rd: TRANSFER DATE!

That’s right friends; we will be transferring 2 baby Ritchie’s on Monday, October 3rd assuming all goes well with my cycle prep. We are SO excited for this to finally be on the calendar and to be taking steps forward to bring our babies home.

So, here are a few ways you can be praying in the weeks to come:

1) For the safe transportation of our embryos from their storage in Florida to Minnesota late September.

2) For all of the preparation that need to go smoothly, from ordering medications to my body’s physical readiness to receive these babes.

3) That the changes we have made to our protocol would be successful and smooth, ultimately leading to success.

(For those wondering, things we are doing differently this FET are: a Del Estrogen FET protocol, the endometrial scratch, and an Antihistamine Protocol prior to transfer, and also, will be treating my Factor V with Lovenox injections post transfer. All of these are modifications made from prior transfers and we feel incredibly positive about them.)

and lastly, and most importantly,

4) That ultimately we would get (and stay) pregnant and that God would be glorified in it all.

So, get excited my friends, this is happening! We can’t wait!!!!!

PS: Thank you all for so many wonderful comments, emails, and messages on my post “messy emotions“. I’m happy to report I have felt your prayers and appreciated your kindness so much. Your responses reminded me of a post I wrote a few years back called “do something“. The simple act of letting someone know you care carries with it such a significant weight. God gave us community for a reason and I am so blessed to be a part of yours. Truly, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I hope to get another good update up SOON, however, you know how summer goes …

In the meantime, we have been enjoying spending time with our grandparents who are in town, watching the Olympics, finishing edits on our In the Wait Leaders Guide, and starting celebrations for my birthday, which is next Friday (the 19th), (you know me, I LOVE a good birthday celebration!). I’m heading to Seattle, WA very soon with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a little girls trip which will be fun and relaxing too. (Send any must-do’s our way, particularly good restaurants!) Plus, there’s the Minnesota State Fair which is THE BEST and I have a growing stack of amazing books to dive in to, like Present Over Perfect. (YES!!!!!!!!!!) All in all, this month holds some great things, as does the months to come! YAY! So thanks for patiently sticking with me and praying for us, encouraging my heart and letting us know you care. It means so very much. Love you all!


How great is my precious family!? I love this picture! (Shout out to my squadie Jana for taking this picture for us!)


These balloons are flying high in my house this week! I LOVE THEM! I could binge watching the Olympics ALL. LIFE. LONG.