top must-haves part 1.

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. While there is no additional cost to you to use these links, I do make a (small) commission if you choose to purchase any of these items through my link. If you do – THANK YOU! Okay, now that I’ve disclosed that, happy reading! 

Today I am sharing our TOP 10 favorite baby items! These are our MUST HAVES, the items that should be on every registry, in every household, and totally saved us. Okay, so yes, these are just our opinions, but we just love these items! Stay tuned for part 2 of our must-haves which will be twin-product focused! If you’re still waiting for your baby, don’t let this post discourage you! Skip it today and save it for tomorrow, because I truly believe one day you will be buying items for your child! HUGS!

Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: Okay, so not only did my babies LOVE sleeping in these months 0-4, (in fact Kirsten still loves to nap in hers!) but the fact that we could turn them on to have them gently rock them to sleep, is AMAZING. It has a sound feature and the “rocking” portion can run for 30 minutes or 6 hours. Our pediatrician recommended using these, although it’s always important to have you check with yours as well. But the auto feature is what was so nice. Plug it in, walk away! They are recommended to babies up to 25 pounds!

Miracle Blanket Swaddle: My girlfriend Jana told us about these swaddles after we had a few frustrating weeks of our kids breaking out of their Halo sacks. These swaddles hold their arms down gently but use a wrapping technique that makes it pretty impossible to break free from. My kids had a strong moro reflex and as soon as they were swaddled, they began sleeping soundly for 8 hours straight by month 2. These truly are “miracles”!!!! I can’t recommend them enough for newborns!

 Baby Merlin’s Magic SleepSuit: This sleepsuit, a swaddle transitioning product, is truly magic!!! Once the kids outgrew their miracle blanket, I needed something that would still muffle their moro reflex and keep them feeling safe and secure, but wasn’t something that was something they would want to break free from. All of my twin mom friends RAVED about these suits and let me tell you, they were right to rave! It took us a few nights for them to get used to their arms being out and moveable, but it’s so nice because they can self-soothe with their hands now and it offers a little more freedom. Even better, the company encourages you to send a picture of your child in it to them when you get it, and they will help customize your fit to ensure it’s just right. The fleece kind offers a little more weighted muffling and the cotton kind is a little lighter weight. I was nervous my kids would sweat in them, Logan especially because he runs hot, but that has NEVER been an issue! In fact, the first few nights I noticed their hands were a little chilly so now we use these mittens on them and its PERFECT. I can’t rave about them enough! My kids sleep soundly at night for 12-13 hours straight…I never want them to outgrow them, haha! (These are recommended for back sleepers in cribs.) (Pssst, hop on over to their website to read more about it and use discount code CHELS15 for 15% off your own sleepsuit now through the end of November! There are two sizes, 3-6 months (12-18 lbs.) and 6-9 months (18-21 lbs.), so if you have one size, stock up on the next size with this great deal! Or wait till Black Friday or Cyber Monday and layer your deals! YAY! And check out my post on Instagram where we are giving away a FREE sleepsuit to a lucky USA winner between now and Wednesday 11/22!)

Image-1 (2)

Baby Susher: This thing is gold. I kid you not. I saw this product when we registered and laughed at the fact that someone would actually buy it. We skipped registering for it and at my baby shower, a girlfriend gave it to me and told me of its magic. Skeptical, we kept it and when the babies were a week old, we brought it out. And, OH MY GOSH, let me tell you, it is wonderful. As soon as it starts shhhhhing, our babies stop making noise. We turn it on at night and they fall asleep to it’s gentle shush’s and I have even brought it to the doctor with me for shots. It goes with us in the car if we have a long trip ahead and works like a sleep trigger for their little eyes. I am so thankful my friend gave it to us because it is such a great soother!

Nail Frida: I always was nervous about cutting my babies nails because I have heard horror stories, but this nap clipper makes it so easy! Its angled on bias so it’s virtually impossible to clip something other than nail. It cuts the nail so easily and you can see exactly where you are clipping thanks to the “spy hole”. My kids actually enjoy when I clip their nails! Love!

Windi Gas and Colic Reliever: This product has saved us. There have been times when our babies have been in pain from gas and using one of these with a little coconut oil and a tummy massage literally helps them go from tears to smiles on the changing table. It’s the best way to quickly, gently, and effectively relieve their little tummies from trapped gas. AMAZING. I would recommend every parent keep a box of these by their changing table!

Boppy Lounger: These things are just lifesavers. They saved us day in and day out for the first several months of parenting. The babies loved to lay in there, eat in there, rest in there and they were easy to throw in the car and take with us too. A must. We still use them every day for story time. The kids love to snuggle up in there. Buy. Buy. Buy.

Wabi Sterilizer: I spend a significant amount of the day is washing bottles and pump parts. Literally dozens of pieces a day. When we were using Dr. Brown bottles for their reflux, it was even more pieces! We got some sterilizing bags but quickly realized that microwaving two parts or bottles at a time for a few minutes, then hand drying them, or worse, needing to let them air dry (so much time!) was just impractical. Josh researched this sterilizer and it has been the BEST purchase we have made. I wash everything with this soap and hot water, then put it in the sterilizer and an hour later, not only are they sterilized, but they are fully dried too. All it takes is a splash of distilled water and it’s ready to go. I know, the price tag makes it seem like a luxury, but for us, it’s a must. Especially because the alternative would be a million drying racks on the counter. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this has been.

Bandanna Bibs: We love these bibs! They are so soft, so absorbent and unlike “big kid bibs”, have multiple snap options to make them fit all different sizes. They come in fun patterns, wash great, and we literally have dozens because we got through so many in a day. These are a great shower gift to give!

Weleda Diaper Care Cream:  This diaper cream came recommended by a friend (thanks Emily!) and I am SO glad we listened! This diaper care cream has been amazing on our kiddos sensitive skin and has never NOT worked within an application! It’s organic and comes from Germany, and a little goes a long way. Instead of mineral oil that most rash creams use, they use a beeswax which is more breathable and safe. We use the body cream on their bums over night as a moisture barrier, their face cream on their cheeks, and even their lotion and shampoo/body wash. It’s our favorite! (PS – There’s a sample kit with a good variety of products to try! Christmas list idea!)

Runner Up #11 …. because I couldn’t cut it!

  • Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat: These little chairs have been amazing now that the kids are sitting up more. They fold flat and are super lightweight and offer a much better sitting position than a Bumbo. A perfect option for the kiddos as they get bigger!

What was a favorite product of yours that I may have missed? Or might not know about!? Comment below! I love hearing what your babies loved! And if you try any of these items, let me know and share what you think!

Stay tuned next week for our Twin Edition! :)



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