july faves.

How, just HOW, is it almost August?! GASP! Time is flying my friends!

We are having such a fun summer. Logan is walking/running most of the time and Kirsten is taking huge strides here and there before resorting back to crawling. I say we are about a week away from full-blown walking for her! Yay! 

Both kids love the outdoors. Water tables, picnics, playing in their Little Coupes … they are such happy babies. Josh has been able to get some golf in this summer, unlike last, and we are finding a good rhythm with our family. They are growing SO fast! 15 months next week … *Faints*.

I am heading to Louisiana next week for the Hope Narrative conference, where I was asked to be the keynote speaker. If you think of it on Saturday August 11th, I would love a quick prayer, for everything to go well and that His words are what leaves my mouth! I am so excited to connect with some friends face-to-face for the first time instead of just phone or text! 

I just held a baby shower for my sister Courtney this past weekend which was SO fun! Her little ALL STAR and my nephew will be here before we know it! So exciting!!


We also had the joy to celebrate the fact that IVF turned 40 last week! It’s amazing how far science has come and we are so incredibly thankful for how God has used this resource to help families in need, particularly ours! We occasionally get asked how as believers, we reconcile reproductive resources. For us the answer is simple: after all we’ve been through, all the highs and lows, failures and miscarriages, it’s abundantly clear that while IVF is an amazing resource, it’s only truly God who breaths and sustains life. The decision is personal and requires prayer and thought, but for us, it’s where we were pointed. So, similarly to how chemo may help heal a cancer patient, IVF helped heal my body and start our family, and for that, we praise the One who opened the path! Happy 40th birthday to the first IVF baby and thank you CCRM Minneapolis for your part in making our dreams come true! CCRM also held a reunion picnic earlier this month with all of the families who have had success there thus far … it was amazing to see and fun to meet other CCRM mommas!



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Who can compete with a family photo when there are BALLOONS!


Finally getting to meet my friend Megan in real life with her own miracle!

Now, without further ado, here’s some of our favorite things this month!

1) Popsocket: This little contraption adheres to the back of your phone case and provides a little collapsible grip and stand for you to use while you are holding your phone. I have loved that I can pop it up and use my phone with one hand, especially for taking pictures, without feeling like it will slip out. One of those things I spent a few bucks on and now can’t imagine not having it!

2) Functional Diaper Bag Backpack: I’ve been on the hunt lately to find a good backpack I can use to throw the kids stuff in there and not have to worry about it getting dirty. While I did snag a Fawn Design too (LOVE), I ordered this one from Prime Day and LOVE how lightweight it is and am not afraid to get it spilled on or dirty. It even has clips for my stroller which is awesome. For $20-some bucks, its a great everyday backpack that I can drop off with my kids at sunday school or drag with us to the zoo. 

3) “You Say” by Lauren Daigle: Lauren’s music has had such a strong place in my heart for so long. I listened to her album driving to every single doctor appointment for nearly a year and her album was playing overhead during my c-section. She just came out with a new song You Say and it’s powerful.     

4) Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Olives: Enough said. These jarred olives are amazing and everyone who tastes them says the same. Grab a jar next time you are there and enjoy with a yummy charcuterie tray. Mmmmm! 

5) Beauty Counter Lipstick: My friend Ashley was over for a playdate a few weeks ago and got me to try this lipstick she raved about … and I never wear lipstick … and low and behold, I really liked it! This Beauty Counter color was a perfect shade (twig) and she had me top it with a Bare Shimmer lipgloss and I love how natural it looks while still looking nice! I placed an order that night and now wear it daily! My favorite part is that neither are sticky and they stay on a longgggg time which is perfect because this momma never remembers to reapply! :) 

And now some of the kiddos favorites! 

1) Harry Potter Clothing line at Target: Sound the alarms! Target just launched an exclusive Harry Potter line for toddlers, kids, and adults and it’s everything an HP fan could hope for and more. The sizes were going fast when I was there but I managed to snag Kirsten a tee-shirt and Logan a sweat-shirt … and if you are an HP fan, you gotta grab something while it’s still around! 

2) Weighted straw cupsWe love these Munchkin weighted straw cups! These cups allow them to use a straw while being able to hold the cup at any angle. The straws and covers come apart easily for easy cleaning (and replacement straws are sold too). We have been big fans of these! 

3) Freeze dried mangos: You can get these at most grocery stores, we grab them at Target, and my kid flip when they see the bag come out! It’s awesome for them to munch and feels good on those teething gums. 

Also … the babies had their first Oreo at Costco (thanks sample day!). Logan loved his … and clearly ate his too fast and then had to watch his sister flaunt and slowly finish hers. This picture will forever crack me up!


And finally, here’s a family photo from this weekend! We are just so utterly grateful for this blessing of our family … God is good!




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