ttc exchange 2018: lucky socks.


It’s GO time! I am kicking off our 2018 TTC Exchange to bring together all women in all phases of infertility (trying to conceive, currently pregnant, adopting, new moms, taking a break, post-miscarriage, surrogacy, adoption, etc). Year after year, hundreds upon hundreds of women across the globe come together and connect, getting a randomly paired partner, and creating a care box for them – this year containing a pair of socks! – and forming a new friendship.

I absolutely LOVE how all of these women come together to support one another and spread positive energy and love.

Why lucky socks this year instead of mugs?

  1. It’s easier to ship! Less hassle with bubble wrap, broke mugs, and heavy boxes.
  2. It’s cheaper to ship! With so many women willing to ship to partners around the globe, the cost of mailing a heavy box adds up fast. This will lighten the load – literally!
  3. Socks are worn by everyone! Whether you are slipping them on to go to a doctor appointment, adoption meeting, or just on a Wednesday as you go about your day, you will know and feel the love of this community around you.

ALL of the details + sign up link is found HERE.

Please take a few moments to read through everything carefully before signing up. Your sign-up is making a commitment to follow through with your partnership and we take that seriously around here!

Have fun! Sign-ups close on Wednesday, August 22nd at midnight CST. 

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