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As I have transitioned into motherhood, I have realized that my quiet times look a lot different now then they used to. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that my time is more interrupted by toddler needs, but I have had to readjust what my time with Jesus looks like in this new season.

Before K & L arrived, I was able to spend a luxurious amount of time in the Word. Journaling, praying, worshiping, doodling, reading. It filled my soul and my relationship with Him was my saving grace in surviving infertility and pregnancy loss.


I recently was asked to share a bit in a small group about how my quiet times have changed now that I am in the chaotic throws of motherhood and while none of this is likely new information to you, it was helpful to remind myself of how accessible God is and how quiet time doesn’t have to look a perfect way for it to be valuable. So, I thought I would share some thoughts with you below!

First of all, keep in mind, if you are a believer, then you are in a personal relationship with God. Key word – relationship! This isn’t a set of rules to follow or things to check off your list …. it’s about a partnership, an intimate friendship, and getting to know one another. Quiet time, prayer, Bible reading … it’s all part of growing that relationship. Relationships aren’t one sided. You don’t meet your spouse at the alter, get married, and then never really talk again. If you only checked in with your spouse on Sunday’s, you would be missing out on so much of the intimacy that makes marriage what it is! If you only talk about big picture things, you miss out on enjoying the small details of life with your partner. Jesus wants to engulf you with His love and presence and we have to slow down enough to meet Him.

Quiet Time – this is going to look different in different seasons. For me right now, my quiet time is scattered throughout the day. I do wake up early, before the kiddos, and intentionally try to start my day with some time in the Word.


My overall goals that help me with consistency and follow through:

  • Pick a place – free from distractions, comfortable, have my Bible, journal, book, etc already waiting there for me.
  • Schedule the time – will seem like a sacrifice at first, start with 10-15 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a HUGE chunk of time. I found when I put the pressure on to make it a big ordeal, it didn’t happen. And while it feels like a sacrifice at first, you will start to see how filled you are afterwards and you will crave this time of peace and community with Him!
  • Figure out your format and activities. If I only have a short time, I always start in the Word. Pick a Bible verse (YouVersion has a great verse of the day!), or read a chapter from a book in the Bible. If you have more time, include prayer, read a page or two from a Christian growth book, or journal. (I like to write out my prayers because it keeps me focused!). I really like resources like Lara Casey’s Write the Word. Change things up! Some days it sitting in silence listening to worship music. Other days its Bible journaling a verse that I am meditating on. It’s okay to change it from day to day.
  • Be disciplined, even when you don’t feel like it. If you miss your morning time, make it up in the evening. This will help you form the habit and the habit will help you form the relationship.

Devotionals I really like:





Quiet Time Journals and Prayer Resources:

write the word journal lara casey shop review 7

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Online Tools + Apps:


Favorite Bibles



Around the House:

At the end of the day, I find myself doing a little of all throughout the day. I spend time memorizing a verse over bottle washing. I turn on worship music and we sing as we drive. I pray, out loud, with the kids as we change diapers for the names of the people we have posted about the changing table. I spend time in the morning reading the daily devotional in bed from Proverbs 31, or pressing play on an audio reading of scripture from my Bible app while throwing on my makeup. I close my eyes in the bathtub and sit in silence and listen to Him, not expecting to hear an audible voice, but instead a prompting that isn’t from me. I keep a prayer journal in my purse and write down a request a friend shares with me over coffee or pull it out when in a long Starbucks line.

I personally like mornings best for my study time, but that’s because I am too tired by the end of the night to really engage. Others love nighttime devotional time because it gets their mind refocused before they go to sleep. Find what works for you and then just do it.


Am I perfect with this? NO! I get in slumps and bad habits and hit snooze instead of getting up. However, I notice a significant difference in everything when I am making Christ my priority and investing in our relationship. It’s a game changer. 

The quote that sticks out to me as I write this today is “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” I really truly believe that the devil loves to thrive on our busyness and throws us off track by making us believe we don’t have time to invest in Christ daily. Don’t miss out friends – don’t miss out on the richness that comes with pressing pause, even in the midst of a full-time job, or motherhood, or starting a business. Jesus has so much more for you than what we try to fill our lives with.

Sound off in the comments below! What helps you stay consistent and grow your relationship with Jesus during the week? New ideas are always welcome!!!!



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