favorite books, studies and devotionals


My inbox is filled regularly with questions like:

  • “What devotional should I read next?”
  • “Is there a parenting book you suggest?”
  • “My small group doesn’t know what study to do next, any suggestions?”

Knowing that greats are always coming into the market, I will try to do a quick snapshot of some of my current and past favorites for different seasons. If you are looking for a good match, take some time to peruse the descriptions through the link, I will try to give  the quickest synopsis here!

For those struggling with infertility:

For those struggling with a difficult season, needing hope (infertility or not):


For those looking for encouragement as a mom in a season of parenting;

  • Power of a Praying Parent: 31 chapters broken into different ways you can be praying for your child(ren) with written prayers. Incredibly powerful and easy to apply over and over again.
  • Homegrown: I had the chance to preview this with Lifeway and love that this one is for the whole family, kids included! It focuses on cultivating the fruit of the Spirit within each member of the family.
  • Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus: A small daily devotional with Biblical roots and encouragement no matter what mothering season you are in. 

  • Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday: I just finished this book with my summer book club and it was a game-changer. I was worried I wouldn’t relate to it as I don’t see myself as “grumpy”, but it was incredibly impact-ful in how I view my role as a parent and this season with littles.

  • Parenting: The 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family: This book contains practical and gospel-centered principles that have been incredibly eye opening and incorporate methods with Biblical truths. I will be rereading this as the kiddos get older as well.

  • The 5 Love Languages of Children: The Secret to Loving Children Effectively: Admittedly I have not read this one yet, but have read several other versions of the authors 5 Love Languages. This is on my list for the upcoming year as I now as able to see my children’s personalities (and potential love languages) emerge. 

  • Night Light for Parents: This daily devotional (written by Dr. Dobson) is a filled with practical parenting advice and biblical wisdom. Great for doing with a spouse! 


Great for a small group of women:

  • Grace Not Perfection: Linked is the companion DVD that goes along with the book. I love when great books add small-group resources. This one is a four-session video series.
  • Restless: Because You Were Made for More: This DVD based study kit has everything you need – from the DVD, to conversation cards, to the study guide. It’s based off of Jennie Allen’s book Restless and while this is just one I have chosen, all her small group curriculum’s are awesome. I also have been part of a study that did Stuck which was great.
  • I love Beth Moore studies, like this one, Quest, however, there is A LOT of homework, which is based on terrific content, however, know your audience and the season they are in.
  • WEIRD: Because Normal Isn’t WorkingMy small group did this years ago and it’s made a resounding impact on how to live in a way that is against what the world deems “normal” and focus on what God says. Good for male or female groups. There is a correlating DVD series and workbook, but they don’t necessarily line up with the book itself. I found the book to be very valuable for discussion! 

  • The Armor of God: All of Priscilla Shirer’s books and devotionals are outstanding.  This is a 7-week study is a workbook style.


Authors I like and would recommend – many of which has questions in the back of their books for conversation – linking a fave by each below;

I am certain I am forgetting many great books, so I will update this post regularly with an Edit below to add. In the meantime, have I missed one of your favorites? I’d love to hear below in the comments!

This post contains affiliate links, which doesn’t impact my opinion at all, but offers my family a small commission if you choose to purchase something through my links. It’s at no extra cost to you and if you choose to use them, I thank you so much!