moving forward!

A quick update: the test for a chemical pregnancy came back negative and we have the GO flag to start a new cycle! The fact that it was negative despite the signs is a powerful answer to prayer. It’s easy in life to become so fixated on the “big thing” that you are praying for, that you forget to be grateful and recognize the little things. (Yet it’s in acknowledging the little things that you realize they are big too!) Knowing I can start the medication tonight is a relief. I am mentally prepared for another cycle and physically ready to get it over with. My gratitude to God for not having a ‘delay of game’ flag thrown is immense.

At church tonight we sang a song by Brandon Health and I felt like these words, similar to the entire message of my blog, echoed deeply in my heart. “Come to me weary now and I will lay you down. Throw all your cares aside, you will never be denied. Come set your burden free, you will be safe with me….So don’t you worry ’bout a thing, I’m gonna get you through the night. I know you’re scared but it’s gonna be alright. And if you wake before the light, don’t be afraid, just call My name. I’ll hear you pray, I’m on my way.” Don’t you just love when songs speak to you like that? I think God must chuckle at me daily because there truly is a “song of the day” every day. But I love that He uses others lyrics to encourage me like that.

So with that said, we are continuing to pray expectantly for this cycle. I have 5 “action” items for myself this month to help keep me mentally, physically, and spiritually ready. In the spirit of full disclosure, I share these with you. I will:

1)      Bathe daily. KIDDING. I do that already. Just seeing if you are still reading.

Ok for real. I will:

1)      Stay off of chat rooms, websites, and forums. Satan uses it as a tactic to discourage me in seeing others who aren’t/weren’t successful. I will not dabble in it.

2)      Eat balanced and healthy, while drinking at least 80 oz. of water each day. Making sure my body is physically prepared for this is important and can be hard to prioritize in the midst of “cravings”. No soda! Only 1 caffeinated beverage (tea/coffee) a day.

3)      Commit to at least an hour of 1-1 time with the Lord each day. Whether driving and listening to sermons (Craig Groeschel and Steven Furtick are my two personal faves), journaling, reading His word or being silent, this has to be a minimum priority for me to stay connected to Him and continue to defeat the devil.

4)      Pray daily for those women who have shared their infertility struggles with me. I currently have 8 friends TTC unsuccessfully – if even one can get pregnant this cycle, I feel like the hope will echo to others struggling. Join me in lifting up these friends as well.

5)      Blog at least twice a week throughout this cycle to keep you informed on how to pray and encourage.

It’s game time (again)! We are ready – I know you guys are ready to walk with us again as well. If I had black face paint, I’d streak it on my cheeks and proclaim “LET’S DO THIS! PREGGERS ON THREE!” (Sorry, I know my sister Courtney hates that word, which just makes me want to say it more.)

One —- Two —- THREE! PREGGERS!

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