praises and prayers.

Okay friends, you are all AMAZING prayer warriors! Since I posted my last blog I have not spotted ONCE. I mean it. That is INCREDIBLE and a validation that God is listening and that He hears the needed affirmations of our hearts. (Not that I needed that validation to believe He was listening, but it sure does help!) Man, I am so grateful for your prayers! I won’t know about my lining until the day of transfer (4 days away! AH!) but I am praying its exactly here God wants it to be. The nurse did call and let me know we are still on schedule for the transfer; however, my estradiol levels are very low. Not low enough to cancel the transfer, but low enough to require some more serious prayers.

I was so busy giving you a medical update last post that I forgot to mention all the exciting things that have been going on in our lives since July started! Here you go:

We celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. Here’s a few pictures from that special day in 2005!


We were able to sneak away for the overnight, penny-paid-for staycation! We had SUCH a blast. We walked around the city and spent some time in Barnes and Nobles hunting for Waldo’s and Wenda’s. We stopped at Candyland for a treat and enjoyed dinner out. We laughed, had breakfast in bed and didn’t talk about IVF or infertility. It was lovely.


a brief look at our weekend!


never afraid to be silly!

never afraid to be silly!

Then Josh celebrated his birthday – the big 3-1! We had some friends over for a BBQ and of course, ice cream cake.


from Cali :)


bday cake

His one request every birthday!

I grew up close to Six Flags Great America in Chicago and have been longing to ride a rollercoaster recently. Not since my senior year, Mr. Rink’s physic class trip have I gone! I knew that once I am pregnant (God willing!), roller coasters would be out of the question, probably for a while, so my sister and I snuck away to Valley Fair for a day at the amusement park. Now, no, the roller coasters aren’t Six Flags quality, but once there, I also realized that my stomach no longer is 16, so the quicker less intense rides were greatly appreciated! Still, I managed to have the need to spend some time on a bench waiting for the world to stop spinning and the highlight of our day was going around and around (and around and around) the lazy river. I don’t know how, but I managed to get flipped so if you ever want to know what it’s like to be upside down in 3 feet of water, just ask me.


I finished the last of my tummy shots (and hope that it’s the last ones for a lonnnggg time) and just started PIO booty shots! (Progesterone in Oil) Not so fun, but SOOO worth it knowing the medicine will hopefully help me carry a full term baby! (Again God willing). We took this silly shot last night with the first injection – the first of ones that will hopefully last every night for the next 15 weeks.


Hopefully the last time I will need to see this in a while!

Hopefully the last time I will need to see this in a while!

Infertility is literally a pain in the butt. HA! (Hey, can't lose our sense of humor in all this, can we??)

Infertility is literally a pain in the butt. HA! (Hey, can’t lose our sense of humor in all this, can we??)

All in all, life is good. I am constantly re-reminded of the words in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT) “Always be joyful. Always keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ.” I am sure we can all reflect back on the troubles in life, the hardships and the frustrations. But the words of Christ have never been more true – Always be joyful. It can seem so hard to find that joy sometimes but I learn and experience more and more each day that our joy is not to be rooted in our wants or desires, our successes and our victories. They are simply to be rooted in Him. Joyful always. No particular circumstances required.

I played book roulette the other night – you know, that game I love, where I flip to something, in this case a page, and whatever is on the page is meant for me to read at that moment. The words pierced my heart and renewed my spirit: “Today we suffer. Today we don’t understand….Someday all the scattered, broken pieces will fall into place, and we will suddenly understand the hand of God has been upon us all the time. All the tragedy – all the darkness – will instantly be swallowed up by triumph. What a perfect ending to our imperfect stories!”

I love that. He wipes every tear from our eyes, He holds us so close. I have to chose to believe that if I knew everything He knew, that I would chose this exact same journey for us. We are more than conquers in Christ Jesus.

So please join us in praying for a few things this week:

1 – complete peace in our hearts that this transfer is God’s timing despite the less than ideal circumstances of last Friday’s doctors appointment;

2- that my lining is perfectly where God wants it to be and that my estradiol levels raise to a point where pregnancy is possible and sustainable;

3 – that our embryos thaw perfectly. (We won’t find out their status until Thursday morning when we arrive to the clinic);

4 – that the transfer goes well on Thursday, exactly according to God’s will; and

5 – that our hearts will be filled with joy, peace, and encouragement as we step down this emotionally overwhelming path again.

We are so blessed to call you our friends and supporters. He has placed you in our lives for a reason and we are ever so thankful for that!


19 thoughts on “praises and prayers.

  1. Charity says:

    I am so happy that you both had a wonderful anniversary. Caring for our marriages during infertility is so important. The trip you guys took sounds like my kind of fun I like to travel away but I also love staycations, you get to explore your state in ways you never would. Oh and you are a trooper for even getting on a ride that could potentially toss your cookies. I absolutely despise rollercoasters good and bad for my hubby, bad because he rides alone and we never experience it together and good because he rides faster than if we were going together by going in the single riders line lol. Happy Birthday to Josh July is the perfect month for you all so much going on. Know that my prayers are with you both I am standing in agreement that God would work in everything you all are doing to accomplish his will. I pray that the deepest desires of your heart would be met. I am believing with you.

    BTW I love that photo. It never fails to crack me up.

    • chels819 says:

      Charity, your comments are so meaningful! Thank you for being such an amazing supporter and friend. I appreciate your prayers so much and for standing with us and believing. Praying for you as well! XO!

  2. teachmetobraid says:

    So glad that you’re feeling supported, joyful, and hopeful. And I’m also thrilled that the spotting stopped. Happy anniversary, friend! It was so fun to see your wedding pics. They’re beautiful!!

  3. Stacy Ricci says:

    LOVE your mini stay-cation pics! You two are SO SO cute and such an adorable fun-loving couple! Your posts give so much spirit, positivity, end encouragement. I love reading them because our styles are similar. I love the book roulette idea. I need to try that and also need to find myself a good daily inspiration or prayer book. Happy transfer day!! I’ve already sent you a text and IG love, but had to say it on here too! You both deserve this SO much and I hope this time they are meant to stick. I have a good feeling about all of this!! Love you, your faith, your energy, and all of the positivity that radiates off of you! <3 xoxo

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