invitation to share: empowHer.

I’m honored for the invitation to share our infertility story over at EmpowHer today! We know that far too many people struggle with infertility, and it can so often be a taboo subject. We are grateful for the chance to shed some light on the battles couples can face and remind those struggling that they are not alone.

“Our story started off like many. We met, we fell in love, we got married, we wanted to start a family. But that’s when our story took on a new path, one that 1 in 8 couples1 venture down, and soon, we found ourselves living in a reality we never anticipated. {click here to continue reading} 

Feel free to click on over and give the link some love! You all are the best!

Thanks friends!


And just because … Cali is ready for spring! (Or ready for her mom to stop taking pictures of her … I am not sure which, hehe!)

7 thoughts on “invitation to share: empowHer.

  1. tidleone says:

    I was just wondering, has your clinic advised anything to counter act the Liben V. I have been diagnosed with this and they’re putting me on heparin for my next cycle?

    • chels819 says:

      YES! Heparin (or Lovenox) is the perfect solution and incredibly effective in maintaining pregnancies after a Factor V diagnosis! Your clinic has advised you well! :) Best of luck!

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