A quick update to let you all know that the retrieval went AWESOME!!! They were able to collect ….


14 eggs! Praise the Lord! (Last time they got 11.) (And excuse the lovely gown and lack of make-up.)

We are so blessed and excited for this part of the journey to be done and now, our parts are literally just about complete! They will be attempting to fertilize the eggs today and we will find out on Wednesday how many were viable and how many were fertilized, and how many are still growing. This is obviously a huge prayer request of ours! We would love to have a solid pack of embryos so we can transfer the best 2 and then hopefully have some to freeze for future attempts and/or siblings.

In the meantime, my hormones are running a little wild so I thought I would share with you some stories about how tears have affected me the last week.

Sitting on the couch with Josh, watching news clip about killer whales swimming next to a boat, caught on tape (video playing).

J: looks over

C: *silently weeping*

J: Um, honey are you ok?

C: I …. Wannnttt … a …. Whale. (tears pouring down my face)

J: A whale? Honey, where are we going to put a whale?

C: I don’t know, but I want one. They are beautiful.

J: slight confused pause I think the medicine is working.

(Authors note: Seriously though, the whales were beautiful and I feel like anyone might cry watching the video. Or maybe not.)

Other reasons I have cried:

  • Putting in my Gilmore Girls dvd … because I love that show.
  • Watching Andy Bernard play his guitar on The Office. It was a beautiful song.
  • Ellen giving an audience member a new car.
  • A successful renovation on Property Brothers (HGTV). The owners were really happy.
  • Cali snuggling up next to me on the couch.
  • After cleaning out the pantry. I was so happy I was finished.
  • Getting adorable videos from our niece Scarlett letting us know she was praying for us today.
  • Thinking about all the prayers, love and support we have. Nearly every Facebook “like” makes me a little weepy.
  • Watching Josh and Cali sleep last night.
  • Receiving a care package from an Instagram friend today.


Truly the list can continue on. Gotta love the hormones!! Hehe!

Anyways, now we wait and pray – the story of a TTC girls life! We are excited to see what God has planned for us over the next couple of weeks! We will get the embryo report from the doctor on Wednesday, than another one on Friday and then, God-willing, will be back on Saturday for the transfer! He is in complete control and that is such freeing knowledge!!! Please continue to pray that the swelling and bloating goes down. This is typically when the now-empty follicles fill back up with fluid and I am at the most risk for hyperstimulation this week. Last cycle I ended up in the ER so keep praying that this cycle is different! We want my body to naturally flush out those fluids without painful build up.

Thank you all again for your excitement, encouragement and support!! Now, off to sleep off some more of this anesthesia …

17 thoughts on “14!

  1. Olga says:

    Great news, Chelsea! Wow, your eggs were retrieved already, and I thought that you barely started stimming! Short protocol? I just got my ER last Friday. Waiting for tomorrow (Day 5) for an update on how the embies are doing (praying that there ARE still embies). I am sending you good vibes and hope you don’t develop OHSS this time around! BTW, did you have any symptoms of OHSS after ET last cycle? I am scared to death of it…

    • teachmetobraid says:

      Just realized that this is the latest update, so I’m saying a prayer that those little embryos are growing well and will soon be implant in your cozy, well-prepared uterus.

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