My butt is getting sore. Now, I’m not complaining. This is about the easiest part of the journey, but I am ready to get back on my feet and be able to get my own glass of water, sit up straight while I type (you should see me right now, haha), let out my dog … bed rest is one of the last hurdles though – I can do this!! It’s a really nice thing while you are tired but when you are no longer sleepy and have been on your butt for 50+ hours unable to do anything but lay flat, well, it gets a little old.

I am so thankful to Josh for being the most amazing helper to me during this time. I mean it, this man never gets cranky and every request is met with an eager enthusiasm to help me out. He sets his alarm 30 minutes early to get me set up on the couch downstairs, carefully arranging my 15 pillows, filling my water glass, making my toast, hooking up my charger, tucking my blanket around my toes … I feel so blessed to have him walking beside me. His favorite thing to do is to check my body angles to make sure I am not “scrunching” (laying at any angle that would cause a bend to my abdomen). He does random scrunching checks and I am proud to say, I almost always pass.

My note reminder Josh left me this morning.

My note reminder Josh left me this morning.

So …  Mother’s Day. What a special day! Josh, Cali, and the babies spoiled me with some beautiful flowers, a plaque and 2 cards that were so special. We got to visit with both of our sets of parents as well. We are so blessed by such great family!!!  

mothers day

I got a GREAT Mother’s Day call from our embryologist – our other embryo progressed to the final stage and was able to be frozen! Praise God!!!!!And then she went on to say that to her surprise, one of the embryos that they had ruled out as viable due to the fact that it stopped progressing a few days ago, suddenly had a shocking turn around and flew through several development and turned into a blastocyst over night! She said she was shocked but it looks perfect and they froze that one as well! WHAT!?!? God is SO good! We didn’t even know this was an option as the doctor told us there were only 3 embryos that were viable and we transferred 2 of them. I love when God smiles and surprises us like this. I know this has to do with all the prayers that were prayed for us. THANK YOU!!!

So now we have 3 frozen embryos which brings me such a peace of mind knowing that we have 2 more transfers that could take place before our IVF journey ends. One transfer with 2 embryos and 1 transfer with 1 embryo, assuming all survive the thaw. I just have such a peace that our baby is coming.

I am feeling really good! Last week was difficult as the swelling increased so much. I gained and lost 16 pounds from Monday to Saturday in fluids alone. It wasn’t considered hyper stimulation as I didn’t have any of the other side effects of it, just extra discomfort!!! The swelling and weight has gone back down but I still feel swollen and bloated and that is to be expected. My strict bedrest ends tomorrow and now I am supposed to do more “couch rest”. Take it easy, don’t do anything that would make a pony tail jiggle, minimize time on my feet and sitting at a 90 degree angle as it puts pressure on the uterus. But I will be to move around a little more which will be nice. I have friends who have willingly offered to bring meals to us this week which is such a blessing as standing and cooking is tough.

Now all we can do is pray!! I am praying specifically for peace of mind. As I add more medication to my daily list, they are medications that mimic both PMS and pregnancy and it can cause one’s mind to constantly race, wondering “Am I pregnant? This must be a sign I am pregnant.” and then two minutes later “There is no way I am pregnant, these cramps are too bad.” It’s enough to make me go insane so I am constantly in prayer that God will protect my mind and heart and keep me stress-free. We will know and share by Memorial Day if we are expecting so please continue your prayers during this time! I am feeling at peace and hopeful for what is to come. My heart is so overwhelmed with God’s goodness and faithfulness to us throughout every step in this journey. He never leaves our side. He gives us the strength to perservere and He provides an unexplainable peace about the future. I feel so blessed.

Cali is still taking good care of her mama.

Cali is still taking good care of her mama.

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  1. Nat says:

    Great new’s about the 4th embryo! Such an answer to prayer :D I’m glad you had a wonderful mothers day :D Praying for peace and comfort!

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