maypril crushes.

Mkay, soooo, with all the excitement over NIAW last week, I totally missed posting my April Crushes so, welcome to Maypril! :) Go with it guys, we are all about grace here.


Let’s dive right in!

1. Monopoly Deal. You guys, this game! Josh and I have been obsessed with playing it (okay, me more than him, I may have worn him out) lately. It’s super fun, totally addicting and can be played in 15 minutes or less. A unique version of Monopoly that doesn’t require a board, tons of tiny pieces, 18 hours and won’t damage any relationships. WINNING! I ordered mine off of Amazon and we have just loved it. If you are a game player, order it and enjoy!


2. Le Tote. Anyone else super bad at fashion? Or, buys something, wears it a few times and then it gets washed wrong, shrinks, and then you never see it again? OR, you just need a dress, jacket, cardigan or necklace for one event or day and don’t want to invest in something you’ll never wear again? WELLLLLLL, have I got a solution for you! Le Tote!

In a nutshell, Le Tote is a monthly clothing subscription where you literally log in, pick out clothes you like from a gigantic closet of designers, have 3-4 clothing options and 2 accessories (think handbags, jewelry, scarves, etc) mailed to you (for free!). You wear it as little or as much as you want, then jam it into the prepaid bag it came with and mail it back to them. They wash it and as soon as you drop it off at the post office, you have a team putting together a new tote for you which will be in your hands a few days later. It’s brilliant!

You can either take your stylists advice and try new things, or override it and pick your own stuff. If you like something a lot, you can buy it at a super great discount, but there’s no pressure.

You get as many totes as you want a month (one tote as a time but easily replaced), insurance in case you spill or tear anything, and have free shipping both ways! Oh, AND, they have an entire maternity line. I am seriously hoping one day to use it! :)

Even better? Use this link and you’ll get $25 off your first month! (Total honesty:  when you use this link, it acts as a referral and I get a small credit! No pressure at all, but if you do sign up, I’d love the referral. It’s basically the only way it works for us to do it, but hey, then you’ll get a referral link too and the beauty of free stuff can continue!) There’s no pressure to do it more than a month. In fact, they have it where you can freeze your account for a week or a month at any time, there’s no commitment. So that Kate Spade necklace you have been eyeing up, toss it in your tote and wear it for a week! Winning!

Click here to sign up!


3. In the Wait being back in stock (and on Amazon!). FRIENDS! Did you know we totally sold out of our first run of In the Wait? Seriously, that’s a God thing because it’s just our little team of authors spreading the word about this devotional. What He is doing is so far beyond us. Our second edition is better than ever and I’m excited to share a couple things with you – stick with me, this is important stuff!

  1. We are now being sold on Amazon! (In fact, as I write this, it’s on SALE too!) YAY! (Hello Prime shipping!) And I am told that if you are international, you can add it to your cart and convert it to pounds and then ship it internationally for a small and super reasonable rate. So to all our international friends who have been asking about this, HOORAY! (If this doesn’t work or I am explaining it wrong, will you please comment or email me so I can get updated information out there? I have been told by a few UK friends that their books have made it into their hands!) We ARE still selling it on Holly Holt Design too and that’s a great way to support small businesses too.
  2. A new In the Wait Facebook group will launch on September 18th, so if you are interested in being part of a community of women who go through the devotional together, stay tuned for more information this summer! Our past groups have been life changing!
  3. We are now on Instagram! @IntheWaitStudy. This is a great account to follow for encouragement, direct your friends towards, tag us in as you share what you are learning, and help us move this book into the hands of the right ladies! Follow us over there and be sure to tag us and use #inthewaitstudy in your pictures!
  4. Lastly, would you do me a gigantic favor? Now that we have an Amazon listing, we desperately need your help with building our review portfolio. If you ordered the book and went through it, would you be willing to leave us a positive review on Amazon? It’s super easy once you are on the page, just click “share your thoughts with other customers” mid page and you’ll be done in two seconds. It doesn’t have to be profound, everything positive helps!

Photo Apr 12, 2 20 32 PM

4. August and After. I recently got introduced to this London-based indie-folk trio and they have been playing on my Spotify ever since! Super chill music, beautiful guitars and viola’s, keyboards and vocals. It kind of reminds me of Ben Howard meets Bon Iver. It’s hauntingly beautiful and the perfect coffee shop, chill on the patio kind of music. Check them out! (Their new album Cascade is beautiful.)

008 (1)

 5. Sleepovers. Oh goodness. We had our nieces spend the night last weekend to celebrate Kinsley turning 4 (gasp!) and had such a precious time with them. We giggled, played with vintage Littlest Pet Shops (who remembers those from when we were younger? Much different than the creepy eyed ones in stores now!), enjoyed “fancy cupcakes”, learned all about Shopkins (ahh!), and created so many fun memories. Here are just a few!


There you have it! Ohhh and we celebrated Cali’s 10th birthday this month too. Oh my goodness, this mama has all the feels. Love her so very much, as I know so many of you do too! This is one blessed pup and she brings me such joy! Here’s our cutie on her birthday!


Alright, that’s it! And no, we haven’t forgotten about that ever so important IVF update! We are truly just enjoying the month of recovery, the quiet and the break of it all. So in the next 2 weeks, you better believe you’ll have news, updates, plans and all the little details about what we did differently this cycle. (Vitamin cocktails! Medication protocols! Oh my!) We have been so thankful for all of your consistent prayers and still need them as we establish what’s next. Happy May!

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