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You guys know I simply adore FertilityIQ and what they are doing in the infertility community, right? I connected with Jake and Deb, the founders of this website last year and my love for what they are doing has only snowballed. (Here’s a post talking a little more about the site.) Then, last September, I was invited with a few other bloggers, to a basecamp they put on, that solely focused on what we could do to better help and support the infertility community. And surprise! As of last March, yours truly actually joined their team in a work-from-home role and I LOVE IT. (More on that later!)

In an nutshell, the website is an online resource for fertility patients to get detailed information on doctors, clinics, treatments, costs and more. Fertility patients can anonymously assess their doctor, clinic, nurse, billing department, etc, and after a thorough review, these assessments become available for others to read. As a reader, you can sort by geography, and the patient’s treatment type, age, race, income, orientation and more. In the past year, 100,000 patients have used our data to find their doctor and 92% considered it “helpful or extremely helpful.” As someone who has seen 3 clinics in the Twin Cities alone, I cannot TELL you how incredibly helpful it is to have a website like this one available to help others still in the thicks of determining what their next steps will be and with who.


And now, have you heard the big news?! FertilityIQ is providing one patient, who has written an assessment of their doctor, a free IVF cycle (up to $10,000) to use, or gift to a friend. And, there’s also another way to win $2,500 by simply acting as a referrer! If you share about this contest with your friends who may be able to provide an assessment too, and they win after citing you are their referrer, then you get $2,500 to spend at your discretion! SERIOUSLY. A free IVF cycle?! This will change a family’s LIFE!


Seriously, all you have to do is pop over to this link here https://www.fertilityiq.com/survey-intro and spend 10-15 minutes sharing your experience with a former or current doctor or clinic. The assessment is completely anonymous and to maintain credibility, we will ask you to send in something that “proves” you were a patient there, like an image of a bill or an email from a nurse or some paperwork with your name on it on their letterhead. (Patients can submit more than one assessment, but only assessments that meet our basic criteria listed here will qualify.) If you do that by April 27th, you are eligible to win this grant! If you have already submitted an assessment with verification, you also are eligible! (If you want to double check everything is good, check the website to see your assessment and make sure there is a blue check mark next to it, which signifies it’s been verified.)

One thing I love about this is it’s not a contest, it’s a grant. This isn’t about who is most popular or can make the most tear filled video, it’s simply sharing what you have experienced from the clinics and docs you’ve seen, and helping out the next member of our fertility community get closer to their dreams. The reason I love working for FertilityIQ is because I am able to help give back to a community that has been so good to me. Every person who shares their experience on FertilityIQ is making the experience less isolating, and just plain better for their fellow patients who are starting out. YOU make the difference! It truly is empowering knowing that you can help others!

Winners will be chosen at random on April 28th and every qualifying assessment must be submitted by April 27th.  For more details, please go to FertilityIQ.com/IVF/Grant.

So what are you waiting for?! Stop scrolling and go assess your doctor!!! (And if you submit one, mention my name!!) I AM GIDDY ABOUT THIS!!!


My new bosses … they are pretty freaking awesome. :)

2 thoughts on “FertilityIQ grant.

  1. cmcgriffindorf09 says:

    Hello! Sounds interesting! I couldn’t get the link to work, but I just signed up for an account! Do I have to use the link to qualify for the grant, or, if I review will it automatically qualify me? Thanks in advance!

    • chels819 says:

      I am so sorry for my delayed response! I just now saw this! Yes, if you submit the assessment and send over proof of being a patient, then you are automatically entered!!! GOOD LUCK! (It has to be in by the 27th so don’t delay!)

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