good friday and the hope of what’s to come.

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This morning as I sat on my porch listening to the birds chirp, I thought about how the morning of Good Friday started just like that. Everything felt normal. Routine. Jesus dined with His disciples the night before, washed their feet, and the whole world went to sleep, not knowing how much would change the next day. The sun rose. Families made their breakfasts, perhaps the birds were chirping much like they were outside of my house this morning. And yet, by the end of the day, life as we know it would never be the same again. God took a waiting season that spanned thousands of years and removed a veil between Him + His people in a single weekend. Jesus suffered today for us – willingly, out of love, trusting His Father completely, even though the hours to come would be horrific. He trusted that God’s plan was bigger than His suffering. And suddenly, a regular Friday became the foundation for life eternal.

You see, I know this image above (one from our maternity shoot) seems to not match up with the gravity of the words above, but in a way, I pray that it brings you hope that a day that starts normal, like every other, can hold in it a miracle that can change your life. In 7 weeks, we pray to welcome our son and daughter into this world after a long wait that’s lasted nearly a decade, and yet, that is NOTHING in comparison to the type of waiting and suffering Jesus went through for us. And while our waiting season has shifted now to waiting for these babies, my heart still beats deeply with those who are still in the wait and I just want to squeeze each of you still aching and wondering “when”. I know holidays are especially tough, especially when feeds are flooded with families + mall bunnies pics + always a pregnancy announcement or two. I am praying for each and every one of you this weekend – so many friends stick out in my mind as I type this – and hope that you all can KEEP THE FAITH. Trust your Father, the one who sees the BIG picture and knows all the answers to the “why’s” you keep asking.

Out of the hard days – the “good Friday’s” – come the Easters. The answered prayer. The blessing. The victory. As hard as it is to see past Friday, don’t let it cloud over the hope of what is to come. Sending you all so much love as you walk through another holiday and I pray that your hearts would not stay defeated but instead turn towards the one who holds your future in His hands.

With love,


ps – photo by Gina Zeidler who lovingly gifted us a maternity shoot to celebrate these babies … I will have to share more of our faves soon! These images are just so special to us. <3

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